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Ten Reasons Why the New Ricoh IM 350F, IM 430F and IM 430Fb is a Winner


It's been sometime since Ricoh introduced the MP 301 (A4 black MFP 30ppm). Five years is a long time to hang on to a model, especially when A4 devices are being introduced left & right.

There's a new kid on the block of A4 devices. Ricoh is now offering the IM 350f (37ppm), IM 430F (43 ppm), and the IM 430fb (45ppm).  All devices come standard with copy, print, fax and color scan.

Anyone can get the speeds and feeds on these devices, but I wanted to dig a little deeper and express what I like about these new Ricoh A4 MFP's.

1. Hard drive is now standard and packs a wallop with a 320GB HDD.

2. All three devices now ship with starter print cartridges. Nine thousand pages for the IM 350F, eleven thousand one hundred pages for the IM 430F and three thousand nine hundred pages for the IM 430Fb.

3. Google Cloud Print equals yippee, I now have another tool in the belt for cloud printing.

4. Ricoh Intelligent Support means that help for support is just a click away. Our support specialists can use remote access to fix issues. In addition we'll be able to operate the Smart Op Panel (GIU) to guide clients in real time for using the device.  How cool is this!

5. Auto firmware updates are awesome also, our new models can periodically check and download the latest updates.  This is big! No more waiting for a tech to arrive to perform updates.

6. Ricoh Smart Integration is another win, win for us. Clients can now get quick access to apps. No longer do we have to talk about speeds and feeds. New discovery questions will lead to increased client satisfaction.

7. I stated I wouldn't mention speeds and feeds, but I'm pretty stoked about the  convenience stapler.  We'll be able to corner staple and book staple.

8. Videos can now be accessed from the Smart Op Panel for how-to maintenance tasks.  Can't wait to demonstrate the video feature, I'm thinking it's going to add quite a bit of sizzle with a demo.

9. Installation Wizard makes it easy for the setup, and network installation. Dang, I could probable do this now.

10. Security equals DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) and Ricoh-only OS helps to provide direction and cushion from OS specific threats. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Security is something we don't talk about enough.  Older devices in the field present a higher security risk to every company. 

Would you allow your iphone not to have the latest security patches? The same thinking should be applied to copiers. I use the security talk track with every client.

There's a ton of other speed and feed improvements for these devices. Maybe another blog in the near future about the speeds and feeds is in order.  Hat's off to Ricoh, we now have a very strong A4 presence with these additions.

If you get some time check out the P4P Hotel forums. I'll be writing some addition comments in the near future.

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Slight correction...both the IM 430F and the IM 430Fb are 43 ppm.

Additional info...the 430F (SP 501) has a Service Maintenance platform while the 430Fb (SP 502) has a User Maintenance platform. The SP 510 and SP 502 are printer only versions of their respective MFP's. As far as I know, the SP's and the IM 350 (350F without a standard fax) have not been launched yet.

It is interesting to note that the service training does not reference the MP 301SPF or the MP 402SPF at all. The new IM units only claim to be replacements for the SP 4510 and the SP 4510SF.

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