Ten Reasons Why A Premium/VIP Membership Works ($99 Lifetime Event)



We've opened up 20 (twenty) Lifetime Premium/VIP membership (new) for only $99.  That's right, pay $99 one time and have complete access to the Print4Pay Hotel forever.

We Share

We share information, we are the relentless, we drive the sales, we seek new customers, we (Print4Pay Hotel) members are the top sellers in the industry.  Our need for knowledge translates to increased sales, generates additional GP and above all helps us provide for our families. Without a doubt, the Premium Members of the Print4Pay Hotel are the best of the best.

However, we all didn't start out that way, the key for most members is that they are relentless in their search for knowledge, the Print4Pay Hotel provides us with the opportunity to share, inspire, collaborate and exchange our ideas.

Premium VIP/Membership will get you access to:

  • Premium Forum Access:  Reserved for Premium Members threads only, located here. A place to get the info no one else can get.
  • Access to Current Leads RFP's:  Each week we post RFP's that we've found and you may have not had the time to find.  You can check out the RFP forum here. To date we've uploaded more than 50,000 devices.
  • Access to Industry Proposals/Document Library:  We keep some of the proposals in the Document Library and we also post them in clips section titled "Pricing on the Street" & Competitive Proposals, Cheat Sheets, Copier Side by Side Comparison Spreadsheets, Sharing Ideas & Docs, Wide Format Side by Side Comparisons. It's all here.  Check it out!
  • Access to Download Premium Sales Documents:  Go here and check out the documents that we have in our library and we're always adding to them.
  • Ability to Download Premium Documents:  There's a treasure trove of documents through out the site that other members have uploaded, you'll be able to download those documents!
  • Access to Premium Blogs:  Right now I'm in the middle of posting "31 Ways to Close More Sales" which runs once a week. A few years ago we ran "31 Ways to Garner Net New Business". There are additional Premium Blogs that are posted on the site now and has we move forward more and more the of the Blogs that were "FREE" will become "Premium".
  • Ability to Contact Me: If you've got a Premium Membership feel free to reach out to me for sales help, product knowledge, how would I do this, and special pricing knowledge.
  • Create Your Own Surveys: Great for mining our members about whats happening in the field
  • Signature and Photo:  Add a special tag line to your threads and even post up your best pic so we can get to know you. 
  • $99 for a Lifetime Premium P4P Hotel membership

In fact just tonight I was asked to comment on a new sales cheat sheet that was sent to me, in fact I liked it so much that I comp'd that member a Premium Membership. The file that was created is a fantastic reminder for all of us in sales of what we should ask and do on every call. I believe this is invaluable for new reps!

An Annual membership is $117, the regular Lifetime Premium Membership will increase to $499 at the end of this week. We have a promo running till the end of the week for a Lifetime Membership for $99!!  Send me an email if you are interested. apost@p4photel.com


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