Ten Questions to ask When Prospecting for Ricoh Global Scan NX V2 Serverless


I though it would be a great time to write about Ricoh Global Scan NX V2 Serverless solution.  At time to time I've struggled with when and where to have that conversation with an existing or prospective client. Hoping that this document can help in our quest to solve complex business problems with scanning.

GSNX V2 Serverless

GSNX V2 Serverless allows the administrator to set up pre-defined workflows on the MFP screen that guides the user to scan to the correct destination in the correct format, with the correct file name, all automatically. 

The user has the ability to browse a folder structure to place the scan in the right folder without having to go back to their desks and move it manually. 

The administrator can ask the user simple questions or have them pick from a pre-defined list of options to name the scan file correctly every time. 

GSNX V2 Serverless can leverage the Searchable PDF function of the MFP (optional) to create Searchable PDF files automatically, without the user needing to set anything. 

As the name implies, there is no software that needs to be installed in the customer’s network.  All functions are running on the MFP.  Great for environments without a server.

If the customer later decides they would like a more advanced workflow, a Global Scan Server can be added to the environment to enable features such as full OCR capability (Word, Excel), Barcode scanning, automatic data extraction with Zonal OCR, scanning to Document Management Systems, etc.

Ten Discovery Questions

  1. How are you currently capturing, processing and archiving your documents?
  2. How are you managing your legacy documents and files?
  3. For business processes that still use paper, how are physical files incorporated into your document or content management system?
  4. Where are your paper-driven processes slowing down work flow or hurting your business?
  5. How much are your paper-based systems slowing down billing and revenue collection?
  6. Do you scan hardcopy documents on a regular basis?
  7. Do you need to organize legacy hardcopy files in an electronic archive?
  8. Do you have document workflows that are error-prone?
  9. Do you send and receive scanned files to and from branch or remote offices?
  10. What volume of transactional documents (bills, invoices, purchase orders, statements) do you scan every month?

Bonus Discovery Questions

  • Do you use enterprise document management (EDM) software?
  • Would it be helpful to receive fax documents electronically?


When I'm meeting with prospects I would say that 90% or more are scanning the old fashioned way.  Scanning to their email or scanning to their folder, then opening the file, naming the file and in many cases then moving the file to another location.

Offering Global Scan Serverless can get you the leg up on the competition since most reps will not even dig that deep. In addition you may be able to generate additional GP because you are saving time in the process of scanning documents.

Special thanks goes to a Print4Pay Hotel member that helped me with this.

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