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Technology is Transforming Communication


The world is no longer a geographical confined place for humankind. It has become an infinite universe. The power of technology is incredible. Today we can travel through cyberspace in a way once thought unimaginable. The baby boomers remember star trek, its holodeck, phasers, medicine marvels, and those famous words "Beam me up, Scotty."

Imagination is the architect of the future.

I believe much of reality is the by-product of someone's past dreams. Some will always imagine and explore what could be, and some will be the maintainers of a temporary relevance. As humankind evolves, so does the world's technologies. It's the evolution of technologies which is enhancing the human's ability to now imagine beyond their individual imaginations.

"Caution, those constantly looking for absolutes will never understand the "Imaginators" language, and will miss the excitement of the unknown."

When we look back at the genius of Da Vinci, we are all amazed not only of his inventions but also his thoughts of what the future would invent. Da Vinci not only delivered the future to the present. He had the ability to prescribed things to the future.

If Da Vinci had access to today's technology, what more could he have imagined? Who would he have collaborated? Think of the abilities today's technology allows in communication. In Da Vinci's day communication was limited to an analog world. Communicating outside immediate influences was non-existent. In those days no one dreamed of the digital world or could have comprehended its capabilities.

"The digital world is quickly becoming the root system connecting all of humankind."

Those who can imagine what could be are excited to communicate what they see and today's technologies allow communication to travel the globe in seconds.

Star Trek's human transporter was science fiction. Today humans still can not digitally be transmitted; however, everything they write or speak can. The ability to communicate globally at near-instant speed is something that would amaze even the imagination of Da Vinci.

Each time I travel abroad it seems easier to communicate. I once had a conversation with an Egyptian gentleman while in Cairo, and neither one of us could understand the sounds of each other's alphabet. We communicated through the marvelous of technology; at the speed, the spoken word falls on one's ears.

In the future, nearly all spoken communication will be translated to all those willing to hear. This global communication will redefine collaboration. The power of group imagination absent language barriers will discover things, incomprehensible and one day, the word incomprehensible will disappear from the world's languages.

So, Let's imagine the possibilities, communicate what we imagine, and remember it's from imagination realities are born. 

 "Status quo is the killer of all that will be invented."

 Ray Stasieczko  

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As usual, Ray, you're perfectly right.
I add something totally in that mood.
It happened just yesterday and, maybe, 2 or 3 people missed the history in the making.

Over the English Channel, a man made a flight.
I totally understand your reference to the Communicator in Space Trek.
And this one is clearly about Marty McFly's hoverboard in Back to the Future.

Dreams made reality!

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