Special Thanksgiving Message from the Print4Pay Hotel


It's been somewhat of an interesting year for me in sales.  My first eight months were nothing short of spectacular, however the last three months have been a real grind and no where near spectacular.  Matter a fact the story has been under achievement to say the least.

Thus I find my self in the same spot every year. One month left to go and I haven't written my ticket for annual quota and President's Club. 

But there's so much to be thankful for in 2019.  We have an awesome collection of Print4Pay Hotel members that are willing to share their knowledge and help others.  We have an awesome coalition of vendors that have supported the Print 4Pay Hotel, with out them I wouldn't be able to do what I do.  All I ask is that we click on their banner ads on the site and the email update and to give them a buzz when information or a product is needed.

I'm also thankful that my wife puts up with my bad days,  those bad days always seem to rear that ugly side at least once a month.  I'm thankful for the great relationships I've built with our members, you know who you are and I'm thankful that you take my calls, and listen to my rants.  Your friendship means a lot to me and continues to drive my passion for keeping the Print4Pay Hotel going.

Thanksgiving has always been a time when I reflect back on the year and ask myself what do I have to be thankful for.  As I start my 40th year in copier sales next year it's a little daunting since now I'm the really old dog on the block.  The knees, and the legs aren't what they use to be, just today I pounded the pavement looking for additional opportunities. It never stops does it?  What ever happened to this business getting easier after you've built your base?

One of the best times I've had this year is interviewing those sales people that came before me with "The Selling Copiers in the Seventies" blog series.  There's one common denominator with everyone, it's all about the effort and how hard you want to work (there is no special magic sauce, magic lines, or cute gimmicks).  Where the heck can you start as a sales person and then end up becoming the President or CEO? It's the copier business for sure.

There's always one special blog that look back to.  That link is in every Sunday night email address that I send.  That blog was written by one of our members and I'll cherish it until the day I retire or get hit by a bus (kidding). 

Value of the P4P Forum was written a little over four years ago at this time of year.  "The Value of the P4P Hotel Forum",  Jason Habbal wrote it and it's awesome that he delivers what the Print4Pay Hotel is all about.  I couldn't have done a better job.   To date that blog has almost 800 views and hoping it can get another 800.

I love selling copiers ever since I wrote my first order, and of course got my first commission check.  I'm not sure where the industry will be in twenty years but I know that if I'm still healthy I'll still want to be involved.

Thanks to everyone and may every one have a blessed Thanksgiving with family & friends.

PS:  it's fraking time to nail down that quota!

-=Good Selling=-

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