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Smart Scanning with Scan2Cloud Apps

When do you say enough already? 


In recent weeks it seems every major and minor player in the industry now has some version of a scan2cloud app that can run on their MFP's aka copiers. Since I've been in the copier business for 33 years I've seen many apps/integrated software solutions from various manufacturers that were either dropped after a short time, never worked right or when you called the manufacturer for support their SE's did not have clue on how to alleviate the issue which left you in a bad situation with your customer! The reason for the terrible support is because the MFP aka copier manufacturer did not develop the app/software, they just re-sold the product.


The Cloud is here to stay and the more I talk about Scan2Cloud with my clients I'm getting feedback that being able to access these documents anywhere is a great time saver for them. In those discussions with prospects, many of them are already using Dropbox and MS Office 36. However they are scanning to their folder on the PC or scanning to email and then migrating the document to dropbox or MS Office 365 with additional clicks and entering data. Many MFP users are not even aware that most MFP's will allow a user to set up a dropbox folder on the MFP.  Of course the problem with scanning to one folder is that you still have to migrate that document to another folder or sub folders. 


I'm also hearing that more clients and prospects are embracing the thought of moving to  MS Office 365, and why not when the cost of the cost of MS365 starts at $5.00 per user per month for Small Business, $12.50 per user per month for Small Business Premium and $15 per user per month for Mid Size Business! It's a no brainer that for $150 per user per year Small Business Premium you get all of the bells and whistles except for Active Directory Integration.


MS 365 has a lot of bang for the buck for the small business and will save business many hours of administrating software, re-loading software, and updating licenses for their general use of MS Office application software.   One of the features of MS 365 is that you also get MS sharepoint that will allow you to store documents.


So how can you turn paper into fully searchable files and store them automatically in the right location for MS 365, Dropbox, SharePoint or any other business application? 


UDOCX has SMART SCANNING and yes they are a sponsor of the Print4Pay Hotel, but wouldn't you rather get support from the people who developed the Smart Scanning Cloud application rather then going through a second or third party that just bundled a few applications, gave it some fancy cloud name and then couldn't support it to you or your customers satisfaction?  I know I'd rather get my fruits and veggies from the farm rather than the grocery store, because the farmers will be more knowledgeable about their products.  Thus you need to go to the source for one awesome scan2cloud solution like UDOCX.


UDOCX will set up in minutes as long as your MFP has a browser and it's connected to the web. That means no additional software to run on a server, no maintenance costs for the software and no downtime.  UDOCX allows you to scan the document as PDF/A, have it OCR'D add Metadata and then send it to the likes of MS Office 365, SharePoint, Dropbox, Alfresco and Xerox Docushare while depositing the document in the right location every time. 


UDOCX (Fenestrae) now has partnerships with Ricoh, Xerox, Canon, Fujitsu, Alfresco. Mircosoft, Sharp and Xerox Docushare. Fenestrae was founded in 1990 and has offices The Netherlands (HQ), US, Germany, Spain, and Hong Kong.  To date they manage more than 1,000 clients in more than 40 countries.


As a rep that is still out on their in the field and still selling to down the street prospects and customers I want to make sure that every system I sell has a browser unit in the system. I want to make sure that I have the Scan2Cloud talk with my customers and prospects, so I can help them with their business process. I feel that UDOCX is one of those unique solutions that I feel is well supported and I'm at peace of mind recommending this solution over any solution that my MFP/copier manufacturer is recommending.  If you have the time check out UDOCX and their powerful Scan2Cloud solution.


-=Good Selling=-


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Ricoh will have their ICE version soon, will try to write more on that. I've found over time that most apps from the manufacturers are so so at best and developing a direct relationship with companies like UDOCX and Print Audit is more beneficial to the end user and to the dealer that is selling the solution.  Thanx for the comment!!!

Hey Art,


Good post. I didn't know too much about DocuShare so I'm glad I could read about it.


I think Canon products deserve a mention. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE line allows you to directly scan to/print from Google Docs and Microsoft Exchange. This is a free feature. Larger imageRUNNER ADVANCE units allow you to scan directly into Microsoft Word and Powerpoint (again free), and if you add the Universal Send Advance/Security Feature Set you can create PDFs with OCR, annotations and encryptions. Very powerful and a much cheaper alternative to most Doc Management Systems out there! Working with PDFs that can be annotated in Adobe Reader is a major step towards a "less paper" office in the SMB market.


I would love to read more about popular Xerox/Ricoh/Toshiba solutions if you get a chance to write about them sometime.

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