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Simple Managed Print Service Quoting Tool


I'll be the first one to admit that I'm no expert when it comes to Managed Print Services.  Over time I've struggled with trying to sell it because I did not have a tool that would make it a simple process.  

The wait is over, that simple process is now a reality with Simple MPS Program from Harry Dearing and 

We have a webinar scheduled for for April 9th at 1PM EDT, you can go here to register and get log in details Simple MPS Webinar.

Here's some additional information that Harry forwarded to me. I'll be on the call also to pick up some additional nuggets.

1) Data Automation - We take all of your data directly from the vendors and keep it up to date for you to help free up time for your team!  This works for dealers using any ERP system (Eautomate, Forza, Quickbooks, etc.).  We will also make sure all of the latest and greatest devices are added to the program as they're released.
2) Selling Options - There are various ways to sell print that many dealers use to differentiate themselves.  Simple MPS gives your reps freedom to sell using various methods (CPP by device, blended, tiered, FLAT RATE, or price per cartridge).  It's so easy to use reps with little or no experience can use this tool.  
3) Customized Development - We are constantly developing new features for dealers.  We take feedback from every dealer that signs up.  If there is anything they want added to the program and it's something that can help all dealers, we develop it for them.
A Little About Me
I'm a CPA.  I was born into the industry (been around it since the carbon paper days).  I helped sell a large MPS company (Cannon IV) to FlexPrint years back and spent roughly 4 years wearing many hats in FlexPrint.  Outside of the software company, I still currently work with one of the largest MPS companies in Canada and spend 20-30 hours a week with them.  As much time as I've spent in the industry, I understand a lot of their pain.  I built this to help dealers.  I'd never turn down a dealer that couldn't afford it (we would make it work for them).  Every dollar we bring in goes right back into development for the industry.  The goal was to build technology that truly helps dealers and continue to innovate based around what they want.  
-=Good Selling=-

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