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Should Ricoh Offer a Rebate When Dealers Buy the New Smart Op Panel?

The above title is from a survey I published a few days ago on this site. 


With the new MP C03 series color system, dealers have the option to buy a "smart operation panel", this operation panel would replace the existing operation panel that the system ships with. 


The "smart operation panel" is pretty much a locked down (maybe not for long) android tablet. There are many benefits to the having the new smart operation panel for the end user, and the dealer.


At this point in time, when a dealer buys the new smart operation panel, there is no credit given for the old operation panel.  The thought from Print4Pay Hotel members is that the old operation panel (which is still new), would then be discarded, saved in case one is needed in the future or forgotten about in a dealers inventory.


Which leads me to sustainability!  We know that Ricoh is BIG on sustainability, BIG on the environment and BIG on conservation! 

Which Leads Me to Questions:

  • Did Ricoh not think about what would happen with existing operation panels once they were replaced with the new smart operation panel? 
  • If Ricoh is truly a sustainable company, then why wouldn't they offer a rebate back for the existing operation panel so they could be used again? 
  • Maybe the cost is too high to have the operations panels shipped back to the far east, entered back into inventory and re-used? 
  • Should the new color 03 series should be shipped with no operation panel and the dealer can choose which panel they need when they order the system?

Just seems like a BIG waste of resources for a company that care so much about the environment. Click here to take the survey. Should Ricoh Offer a Rebate for the old Color GUI for the MPC 03 series When Dealers Buy the New Smart Op Panel?


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Yes that means  I have a lot of time left as well but I wouldn't wish this guys work ethic on any sales manager. He is the laziest person I have probably ever managed. He is pretty much just wasting oxygen in my office. He is a straight commission employee and a pain in the a$$. We put him on straight commission and let him do what he wants in a very rural territory because we are 99.9999% sure he is going to sue us when he quits or is fired. He has a long history of lawsuits against employers we found out and has already mentioned it a few times.


Any way back on topic, it was very funny how excited he got over the panel when the young guys/girls were like "ok thats nice, whatever."

We have probably put it on 3 machines since it came out and the funny thing was it was our sales rep who is almost 70 years old. He loves that panel. My younger guys could care less it seems. King of backwards in my mind.


I haven't quite found the practicality of it other than making everything "look" like a tablet. If they could make it as functional as the new Samsung 10.1 tablet on the MFP's it may become more practical. Just my $0.02

I order the Smart Op Panel with almost every one of these I sell and get nothing but rave reviews.  The only exceptions are with customers that are using or considering using embedded solutions since Ricoh has yet to tell us that embedded solutions will work with the Smart Op Panel.

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