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Short & Sweet for My First Sales Blog Back


Ah the title of my first real blog since my world was turned upside down almost two weeks ago.  Over the past couple of days I've found a couple of hours here and there to catch up with current accounts and answer some emails.  For me it's been more about trying to stay even with the existing opportunities and and some of the orders that went down early in the month.  Today I sent an order to an existing client for two A4 color MFP's and of course there was no response that the email was received.

Tomorrow I'll dig a little deeper into getting back to 30% of my work day and keep it light for a least a week or so. I still have to go back to my Doctor for one more procedure that will require me to stay one night at the Hospital.

I guess at this point in time I want to finish strong for the quarter (which I have opps in the pipe line that should close), but I don't want to burn the candle deep with prospecting until I get the all clear from my Cardiologist.


Of course one of my concerns is that my stress and other habits contributed to  my recent issue with my health.  At my age I need to recognize that there are risks with the continued stress of selling each month and quarter.  I've never been able to turn off the part about not wanting to do my best and the other part that I can't turn off is beating my self up if I don't hit what I'm expected of.  Those wants and beating my self up now needs to change.

It will be a come to Jesus meeting that I'll need to discuss with others in the near future.  Don't get me wrong I still love to do every day,  but I just need guarantees to eliminate the monthly and quarterly stress so I can continue.

This is my first blog and the first few will be short because I still have issues with words or phrases from time to time. I figure the more I write the better I'll get with the small parts I lost a few weeks ago.

Would love to hear from others.

-=Good Selling=-

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