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Selling Copiers "Opportunties Abound to Make a Few Extra Bucks"

Some dealerships forbid their reps from selling into other territories. Maybe they don't have the coverage, maybe they don't like selling out of state.


Pahoda Image Products has created some exciting opportunities for reps who are interested in making some money when leads come in they can't handle.

When an opportunity comes in, we will pay 60% of the equipment's profit on the deal. This should roughly equate to 7% to 10% of the equipment's price. On a $10,000 copier, we expect you'll make about $600 for the referral when the customer buys their copier from Pahoda Image Products.
We can service Nationwide - as we are a Xerox NARS authorized partner. We have the ability to sell and service from Anchorage to Miami - From Bangor to San Diego.  Anywhere in the USA.
Once we pay out $5,000 - we also work with you to get you a part of the click too.  If you are in the job market - like working from home and want a national way to sell to huge clients, we are always taking on new reps too... but the point of this blog is to let you know we have Nationwide copier, printer and document management coverage available and would like to work with you to ensure you get paid well for out of region leads rather than hoping for the best.  If your dealership won't let you take money this way, we can certainly pay them instead.
We get that we are all trying to make a buck here.  We want to be a trusted resource to get copiers sold anywhere in the USA that is a mutually beneficial relationship to everyone.
We are basically married to Xerox on this program, so it would be a Xerox device we are quoting.  You will get a copy of the quote as well as our invoice on deals you help us get.
We hope everyone is having an amazing 2014!
To your success,
Jesse Harwell
Pahoda Image Products
"Helping You Manage Document Production" 7475 W 5th Ave Suite 316
Lakewood, CO 80226

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Old Glory:


Great comment, off hours would be the key.  If you are salaried then you need to stick to working those hours for the company you work for, period!


However, if you are a commissioned only rep, or looking to get out on your own, the opportunity stated above is a good way to get a start.

Let me play devil's advocate here...First of all, usually it's not the dealers that forbid selling in other territories, it's the manufacturers, and dealers are bound by contract to uphold that obligation, which by the way is the only thing keeping us from having to compete with the internet. Secondly, if you receive any kind of salary and spend daytime hours selling a different product, that would be grounds for dismissal, regardless of brand or territory. If you question whether that is true where you are, ask them. I suspect you won't because you know what the answer would be. Thirdly, isn't it hypocritical to be counseling against this practice to your customers while engaging in it yourself?

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