Riso Stops Offering Printed Brochures for Their Products?

Just about 18 months ago,  Toshiba American Business Solutions offered up National No Print Day.  Within a few days or weeks Toshiba cancelled the campaign. I heard they cancelled due to a not so good response from the printing industry. Ok a flub, everyone is allowed one every now and then.


Today, I get an email from my people that Riso (a company that lives and dies with putting ink on paper) is no longer offering full color printed brochures.  If you want a full color brochure you'll have to print it from the web.  WHAT?


Are things that bad at Riso that they can't pay for brochures anymore?  What are they thinking?  My only thought is, well....things could be that bad at Riso.  If I were looking to cut costs, one of the first things I would look at is printing.  But, if I'm Riso, what type of message am I sending to my current customers and prospects? We're broke, or we don't believe in putting ink on paper.  Even though Riso is a company that relies on selling ink and hardware to turn a profit


I find it kind of sad that duplicators may have sung their last hurrah.  Companies like Riso and Ricoh had their fair chance of developing duplicators that could print four colors in a single pass. yet, neither one of them did.  Ricoh opted to put their bucks into production print and Riso decided to go the route of the ComColor. 


Yes, it's ironic that a company that depends on putting ink on paper would then decide not to offer full color brochures to their dealers.  Has Riso just made a flub or are things that bad that they can't afford to buy full color brochures.


Just a thought, couldn't you print your own brochures with the ComColor devices?


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this blog was from over a year ago.


"Today, I get an email from my people that Riso (a company that lives and dies with putting ink on paper) is no longer offering full color printed brochures."


I'm thinking that RISO reversed that decision on the brochures.

I am not sure what you are talking about since RISO has stacks of brochures that are being handed out everyday. I know a year ago RISO was updating the brochures so maybe the end user was not able to get one in that transition time



You are correct, brochures printed on the comcolor would be, well let's say not that impressive, unless they printed them on the "rice paper" which would probably cost more than buying a full color printed brochure!!  Too funny!

From what I remember I do not think I would want to hand out brochures from a ComColor device.  Were they not more for communication than presentation?  I know it has been awhile for me so perhaps they have evolved.  Just sayin'.

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