Ricoh MPC 8002SP Web Browser Review

Finally, after 487 days I was able to experience an MFP connected to the world wide web!  Yeah, yeah, I understand that I'm a little late to the game and should have dedicated some time earlier, however I did not have access to the new MPC 8002SP system. 


Here's What Impressed Me:

  • The speed of he browser, after hearing from others that the browser was so in some systems, the browser on the MP C8002SP was far from slow.
  • The size of the LCD Color Screen was great and I was impressed with the colors that were reproduced from various web sites.
  • I liked the fact the it was very simple to store "favorites"
  • It was easy to navigate with through the pages.
  • Of course my fav was that I was able to "print" the web page if I wanted (boy those Japanese are very clever)

Here's What Didn't Impress Me:

  • What No Video??  Now we can't stand around the copier and watch you tube videos on how to use the MP C8002!!
  • No Speakers???  Where's the web experience if there are no speakers?  If there were speakers I would have enabled Pandora and the system playing some rockin tunes!
  • Bummer, you actually have to enter http//, then the web address, what a royal pain in the ass that is!  Thank goodness for the "favorites" feature.
  • Some web sites were very slow to come up in the browser.

What I'd Like to See in the Next Generation

  • Speakers!!! 
  • Bluetooth: The I would not need the speakers and I could use a portable keyboard
  • Video:  Imagine, set up fav videos on the web browser for operational or how to instructions that are on youtube!
  • Ability to connect my tablet or smart phone:  Give me the power to scan to my phone, print from my phone, or even use my phone as the virtual keyboard.

All in all I had a great experience on the MPC8002, keep in mind that the 03 series is using an Android tablet and I can't wait to check out how that works.  Tomorrow, we're going to load UDOCX and finally scan2MS365, SharePoint, Dropbox and much more. It's my understanding the cloud scanning offer from UDOCX is much more robust than the Ricoh ICE. 


Check in tomorrow! 


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I was more concerned by the subject title that was called "MP 8002SP Web Browser Reviewed".  I just didn't want any confusion that the new color '02 models supported Smart Operation Panel. 

That's correct no smart op panel can be used on the mpc 6502 or the mpc 8002, did u think I was stating it could?   Thanx for the comment!!!

Art -

Please note that the optional Smart Operation Panel does not support the MP C8002SP engine.  That is an option on Ricoh's new new 30/35/45/55/60 Color MFPs. 

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