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Ricoh MP C3003/3503/4503/5505 & 6003 Scanner Review

Scanning, scanning and more scanning, it seems that's all anyone wants to do with MFP's anymore.  Prospects want to know how they can print and copy less and scan more.


What this suggests to me is that it's just a matter of time before the entire industry will adopt a cost per page charge for scanning.  


We'll go over some of the key bullet points of some of the scanning features that we haven't mentioned with Ricoh's new 03 (Metis) color systems, and just an FYI it seems finally all of the scanning features that we mention here are now available with any 03 series MFP from Ricoh.


  • One of the most interesting and obscure features with the new 03 series that you can enable an "auto file naming" when you purchase the optional OCR module. I've been able to test this a few time with different documents and each test has given me different results and I'm not blaming this on the 03 series, but the blame will lie with the document. Documents that can be clearly marked with the file name at the top right of the document will have better success with the "auto name feature". Sometime in the next few weeks I'll take my brother p-touch label systems and print some file names and adhere them to the document to see what type of results it will produce.  As of right now unless someone has a better suggestion, I'm a little lost on how to get the bang for the buck out of this feature.
  • Preview before Transmission is worthy feature, and it allows you to preview the scanned pages on the color display before sending them off to your desired location. Just an FYI on this, if you're creating a searchable .pdf you will not be able to preview the scanned document on the MFP display.
  • Drop out color enhances scan functionality and increases comprehension enabling users to delete one-color descriptions (Red, Green, Blue, Chromatic Color) so that they may extract important information in other colors.
  • Fuser off mode, how awesome is this feature, no longer do you have to wait for the copier to warm up in order to scan documents! With multiple users that scan documents daily this can add up to quite a bit of time saved waiting at the copier.
  • Not only can you scan as a .pdf but you can also enable .jpeg and .tiff
  • MP C6003/5503 and 4503 will scan 110 ipm (impressions per minute) in simplex (single sided) originals and 220 ipm duplex (two sided) originals.  Color or black at 300dpi
  • MP C3503/3003 will scan 79 ipm (impressions per minute) in either color or black at 300dpi.

That's about it for now, after many months in the field I can say that I've been pleased with how these systems are performing as scanners.  If you 'd like to read more about the Ricoh Metis series of MFP's click here for additional links.


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