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Ricoh MP 401SPF Spec Review

With out much ballyhoo, Ricoh introduced two new A4 (can't scan, print, copy or fax 11x17) Black MFP's. The Ricoh SP4510SF and the MP 401SPF. 


It's my understanding that the difference between the two devices is that the SP4510SF has a lower hardware cost, higher consumable cost and is designed for the "do it yourself"  maintenance. 


The MP 401SPF will have a lower Cost per page and is designed for a service engineer to perform routine maintenance.  It would be interesting to run a spreadsheet based on these two units at 10,000 pages per month and see where the TCO winds up.


Here's why I'm excited about the Ricoh MP 401SPF specs:

  • Single sided print speed of 42 pages per minute
  • Duplex print speed of 33 pages per minute (that's pretty awesome)
  • Warm up 16 seconds
  • 50 Sheet Document Feeder
  • Scan Speed of 30 images per minute for black
  • Scan Speed of 20 images per minute for color
  • Toner Cartridge yield of 10,600 pages and cost is a little over $60 thus the cost per page for toner is under .006!!
  • Maximum Monthly volume rating of 10,000 pages per month.

Just a little bit on the Maximum monthly volume rating.  From what I'm reading and past performance of other Ricoh A4 devices, I would not have a problem putting this system in an environment that is producing 7-10K each month.  Positioned correctly the MP401SPF can help you win net new business and help stave off the competition with existing accounts. 


For years, I've been asking for an A4 black MFP with the cost per page model of our A3 devices.  The Ricoh MP401SPF is a step in the right direction, but still has a toner cost that is twice as high as the same segment Ricoh black A3 device. 


A few neat standard scanning features:

  • Distributed Scan Management (used to create and assign scan processes)
  • Drop Out Color Send
  • Simultaneous scan & fax (first time I heard of this)
  • Scan2folder
  • Scan2email

What I've listed is just the tip of the iceberg in reference to the features and specs. If you haven't had the chance to check out the brochure yet, you can check it out here.


In the end I'm pretty excited about this new A4 addition. If you're smarter than the average bear this system will help you win additional business, place multiple devices and right size existing accounts.


-=Good Selling=-


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Drop Out Color Send
When scanning in B&W, users can choose to NOT capture a
specific color -red, green, or blue - from a scanned page.

This is useful  when extracting data from forms, or to
enhance OCR scanning accuracy by narrowing the range of
color characters to be interpreted as editable text. 

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