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How to have your showroom in your pocket. Perform an unplanned presentation/demo

Periscope is a live video streaming free app for iOS and Android.

Their motto: Explore the world through someone else's eyes.

You can really see live what others are shooting in the world.

Broadcasting can be public or private.

PrintAnalyze is cloud software designed to help the salesman in the Imaging business.

The spark came from Art Post’s blog.

Yes, of course, the idea would be to present something that remained at office, probably in the showroom, to a prospect.

Let’s imagine there is a camera/smartphone in the Dealer’s showroom.

This camera/smartphone is on a kind of mount and broadcasts all day long a film of the showroom.

This camera/smartphone is on Periscope, but in a private session.

So this camera is ready to present something.

When required, the salesman logs in Periscope and joins the private session.

At this point, obviously, the salesman needs the help of someone at the showroom to use the camera/smartphone and show precisely what the salesman wants to present.

Of course the salesman can phone to #1 techie or assistant.

If not available, phone to #2 person.

And #3…

There, I imagine something more quick, less disturbing and more in the mood of technology: on the PrintAnalyze screen , you have an extra icon. Tap it and information is directly sent to the 3 people in question. (Text? eMail?)

A quick thing that would mean: one of you three, please go to the showroom, demo or presentation required…

So the salesman doesn’t lose time on trying to join someone.

Periscope and PrintAnalyze are in the same state of mind: the name ‘smartphone’ was not well chosen.

A smartphone is not just a telephone that’s less stupid as another one.

That’s a computer and a communication device.

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H Carl Little posted:
May I get my login? I use 2 computers and one won't allow me access. Thank you

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Logical... I sent you a PM

H carl

the systems will send you a log in if you forget. Your log in is your email address that you used for registration. I do not know your password.  But the web site will send it to you if needed.  I can also give you a new password if you like

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