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Print4Pay Hotel's Top 5 Favorite Copier Videos

In not any particular order, however, "Verbatim: What is a Photocopier, just maybe my favorite of all time!  I ran across this video almost two weeks ago and also have it posted in the forums.  I've also had to chance to share this in the office and it's been a huge hit!!  Enjoy.


This next one titled "The Photocopier" is kinda far fetched by haven't we all dreamed about "if only a copier could copy.......



Ah, analog copiers...I'm thinking this clip from TV sitcom "Spin City" is probably 15 years old.  But you can resist a well kept copier in an office of sirens.  Enjoy!



"Rico Photo Copier", so just a tad bit lengthy, however, the copier jargon is spot on!  Plus the I love the two joemowps talking each other down!! 



"Top 5 Copier Sales Tricks of the Trade", ah, the thought of a cheap price is long forgotten after poor service.  This video brings to life how poor and ruthless customer service can be.  Enjoy!!!



If you know of any additional videos that you like, please post them in the reply section.


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