Post KM Flat Rate Webinar Follow Ups


I'd like to thank the 60 or so peeps from dealers across the US that took the time to view the webinar today. We even had a rep from Norway in on the call, thanx again for your time and your interest in our webinar today.

For those of you that are Premium/VIP Print4Pay Hotel members (FYI, we have a $99 Lifetime Premium/VIP special running now). The three documents that I promised along with the link for the recording has been posted in our Premium/VIP forums. . The link for the recording is only going to be good for six days. After that the recording will be posted in the "clips" section of our site. It will be marked as Premium/VIP access only.

For all non Premium members I will be emailing the link and the documents over the weekend. It's imperative that you access the link in as soon as you get the email from us.  I would also urge you to purchase a Premium/VIP membership for only $99 for a Lifetime, because we are planning to now host at least one webinar per month. Send me an email if you're interested. We only have 10 left!

A few minutes ago, we posted up our survey for Future P4P Hotel Webinars Survey. Please take the time to visit this survey and tell us what you would like to learn more about. We will then craft webinars to meet your needs.  These webinars will be free to Premium/VIP members.

I did hear back from a handful of peeps in reference to today's webinar. If you have any questions please hit us up in the reply section of this blog and we'll address right away for you.

Thanx again for your participation!

For anyone that did not have a chance to register and pay in time for the webinar. We'll make this available to everyone, there will be a cost of forty dollars. Shot me an email and we'll make it happen for you.

-=Good Selling=-

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