On My Way Home!


I wrote this blog more than eleven years ago.  Thought it would be time for a repost.

I was on my way home from Palm Beach, Florida (went there to watch my son's college baseball team) and the wife and I decided to get a drink at the airport in West Palm.

I ordered two Bloody Mary's, one for me and one for the wife. After I ordered, the bartender asked if I would like a double for $2.00 more, I agreed and our bartended asked if I would like a triple for another two dollars, I agreed again.

While I was there I watched this bartender work his magic. For everyone who ordered a beer, he would then tell them that for every beer they ordered they could get a shot for an additional three dollars more! This guy was must have poured and additional 30 shots while I was at the bar!

He also worked his magic for the mixed drinks like I mentioned above.
This guy was a terrific sales person and he probably didn’t even know it. 

Ask and ye shall receive, I am taking a note from his aggressive style and will be asking all my clients if they would like an additional small from MFP for only $8.00 more per month!

-=Good Selling=-

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Did you order those drinks at Sam Snead's ?

George Krebs
Shore Business Solutions

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