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Old Copier Brochures & Ads Preserved @ Print4Pay Hotel

The first plain paper copier was marketed in 1959 by Xerox.  The model 914 weighed some 648 lbs and only made seven copies per minute. 


When people think about copiers, most will think that all copy machines made copies onto plain cut sheet paper.  Actually there were many manufacturers that manufactured e-stat copiers. Those copiers used rolls of paper that were treated with chemicals to make the liquid or dry toner populate the image on the paper.


As I'm always searching the web for copier information, I've found that a large part of the copier industry is missing from the internet.  There is a tremendous amount of data from the nineties and forward, however almost nothing about the copiers and manufacturers of the past from the sixties, seventies and eighties.


My first training as a service tech was on some liquid Apeco and Minolta 101 copiers. By 1982 the vast majority of copiers that I saw in the field were cut sheet plain paper models like the Minolta EP510, the Minolta EP310 (aka IBM 102).   


One of my initiatives for the Print4Pay Hotel this year is to gather as much information from that time period and post it on this site. So, for all of you old timers out there or maybe you're the son or daughter of parent that started your dealership, go check your archives and see what you can come up with.  We'd love to have them posted here for the future!!!

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Your Blog was forwarded to me and it was very interesting. I started my Office Equipment carrier January 1958 with Anderson Office Equipment in Great Falls, Mt. At that time we had the Franchise for Friden Calculators, Royal Typewriters and Verifax (Kodak) Copiers. At that time our main competitor was 3M Thermo-faxes. Montana did not see the Xerox 914 until the early 60's and it pretty well spelled the end to the Verifax and Thermo-fax. I started my own business in Helena, Mt. January 1, 1968 and through the years sold Graphic Communications (Minolta Made), Apeco, Gestetner, Minolta, and Savin. I signed a franchise agreement with Minolta in 1973 and one with Savin in 1978. I cancelled Savin in 1987 and picked up Ricoh. At this time we are still selling Minolta and Ricoh Copier/Printers.

It has been a very exciting and challenging industry.

Loren W.Davis, President
Davis Business Machines, Inc.

"If it's to be, it's up to me"
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