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Newly Revamped Print4Pay Hotel Website Provides Members with Added Features and Value


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Newly Revamped Print4Pay Hotel Website Provides

Members with Added Features and Value



Highlands, New Jersey, June 18, 2013 – Art Post, founder and proprietor of The Print4Pay Hotel, has announced the rollout of the new and improved Print4Pay Hotel Website. The original Website, which was designed by copier and MFP professionals for exchanging information among colleagues in the imaging industry and storing industry knowledge and information, has been enhanced with additional features and functionality with the look and feel of a social networking site.


The new Print4Pay Hotel site still offers the popular Forums that have been so critical to members for exchanging ideas and best practices, but now provides members an opportunity to have their own “wall” where they can upload videos and audio, post photos, post on each other’s walls, and send private messages to one another.


“It’s now more of a social site and is a hybrid between Facebook and LinkedIn for users in the imaging industry,” says Post. “I wanted to develop a unique user experience for imaging professionals in our industry.”


A new feature is “Grind My Gears,” a 15-30-second audio clip where once every two weeks Post will rant and rave in an audio file about something in the industry.


As with the original Website the revamped site will include weekly blogs, which are now available in a printable format. In addition, the site now features videos about hardware and solutions, and starting in 2014, the site will feature training videos for new salespeople.


Another new feature allows the user to elect to receive either an immediate verification whenever anybody posts a comment or replies to a post or just a notification when they log onto the site. The site also includes clip sets of images related to the imaging industry along with sales documents, photos, videos, audio files, and printable blogs as well as quotes or proposals shared by members. Members can also track street pricing, including information on what a machine was sold for or leased for, and the current cost per page on the maintenance agreement.


“The Print4Pay HOTEL was originally envisioned as a means to satisfy our need for knowledge and that mission continues with the new site and its many new features and enhancements,” states Post. “The new site just takes things to a whole new level and provides members with added value that is unmatched anywhere in the industry.  


The Print4Pay Hotel currently has more than 2,300 members. To become a member visit:




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