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New Ricoh W6700SP Wide Format Review


It's been more than five years since Ricoh has updated the Ricoh W3601 wide format printer/scanner/copier.  I wasn't sure exactly how long, but googled it and found the press release for the MP 3601 that was dated March 10th, 2011. 

Far too long for me, but at least there is something new and different to offer our W3601 clients an upgrade path.

Ricoh's wide digital wide format entry started with the MP W240 (4ppm), then the MP W2400 (4PPM), later came the MP W3600 (6ppm), and the last one of that model was the W3601.  The new Ricoh MP W6700 is modeled after the current Ricoh MP7100 (10ppm) & MP 8140 (14ppm).  Thus, all three models look identical except for speed and optional accessories.

Print & Copy Speeds

The MP W6700 will have a print speed of 6.7 "D" size prints, 3.3 "E" size drawings per minute. The print speed of the W3601 is 6.4 "D" size per minute.


All of the systems are capable of color/black scan to folder, scan to email, scan to url (great feature for reducing band width when accessing scanned drawings), san to ftp,  and scan to document server (a like to call this the document library which is a portion of the hard drive that is dedicated to scanned documents, in addition documents can be routed to the document library via PC).   

What's New with Scanning?

1)   Finally, the new MP W6700 is able to scan to USB Drive, SD card, in addition the standard configuration with allow you to set up scan to Dropbox and Scan to Google Drive. 

But, that's not all!  As with our color MPF's, we now have the capability       to use Ricoh ICE (Integrated Cloud Enviroment).  ICE allows users to scan to their favorite cloud application by authenticating  to the app at the MP W6700.  ICE enables, Blackboard, Box, Canvas, Concur, Dropbox, eFax, eFileCabinet, Egnyte, Email, Evernote, Google Drive, Intacct, NetDocuments, Net Suite, MS 365 (my fav), One Drive, One Drive for Business, Oracle Cloud, Print Cloud, Salesforce, Sharefile and SharePoint.  That's quite the list of apps.  Extremely powerful and easy to access.

Ricoh ICE is a subscription based app. There's the Cloud Scanning option and then Ricoh also offers Print Cloud.  Print Cloud allows you to print anywhere using your mobile or PC by obtaining a print release code.   

2)  Preview Scan, is a new feature that allows you to preview the scan on the color LCD display.  An 18"x24" drawing can be previewed in full view, while 24"x36" and 36"x48" would have a section pre-view of the drawing.  You can then toggle views on the screen to validate that the entire document is good to be archived.  The preview scan is an excellent feature when scanning older legacy drawings.

3)  Scan resolution is up to 600 dpi for all of those scan to applications.  However, Ricoh also offers scanning of up to 1200 dpi with TWAIN scanning.  This will allow users to produce high quality scans from other types of software applications that allow use with a TWAIN Scan driver.  Another great feature for older legacy documents!

What I Like Best

What's not to like right? 

  • Printing & scanning is now a standard out of the box feature.  There's no additional options required for scanning unless you want the Ricoh ICE app.
  • Stacking of documents, the design of the MP W6700 allows for printed and copied documents to be deliver flat and face down in a tray that will hold 99 drawings!  They are also delivered to the from of the MP W6700 so they can be easily be accessed for quick removal.  Great feature!
  • Out of the box (a rather large one, since the weigh of the systems is 507lbs) the Ricoh W6700 offers support for two rolls of paper.  This is important because most AEC companies have two or three sizes of wide format drawings to contend with.  Thus, users can keep the standard a standard 36 inch roll in one section and a 30 inch roll in the other section. 

There are many additional features and options available, however, it's late and once I get a hold of the product sales information book I'll be writing a follow up blog. 

For those of you that want to know my industry insight, please go to the Print4Pay Hotel "wide format" forum for additional "scope" information.

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