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New RICOH Pro L4130_L4160 Sneak Peek

I've been waiting for this product for quite some time.  Just today I saw the system appear on Ricoh USA web site.  I'm super excited about having the chance to sell and support the new Ricoh Pro L4130/4160, however, I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge is limited to the specs right now.  You can bet the ranch that I'll learn as much as I can as fast I can so I can get a few of these systems placed in the field.


Thus, what is the Ricoh Pro L4130_L4160? I guess we can start with that these systems represent Ricoh's entry into the signage and vehicle wrap industry.  The Ricoh Pro wide format system will be able to produce color signs, banners, wraps, point-of-sale displays with many different types of substrates.


The maximum printing width of the Pro L4130 is 55.6 inches and the Pro L4160 is 63.8 inches.  In addition, these system are monsters, weighing in at 447 lbs and 529 lbs.


One of the items I noticed on the spec page is that these systems use Latex ink. I did some quick research and Latex ink is odorless. That's a good thing when you're putting a tremendous amount of ink for signage and murals.  The Pro series also touts a water based white ink along with CMYK, Orange and Green.


At this time, I have no clue as to what the retail price is, nor do I have an service pricing. What I do have is a "headful of hope:, that this will be an awesome product for us.


Some additional specs:


  • Innovative, more ecologically friendly latex inks
  • The world’s first water-based White latex ink
  • Fast drying inks for improved productivity
  • 6 colour printing (CMYK, Orange and Green) plus white ink
  • Lower ink curing temperatures (60 degree Celcius or less) allows greater flexibility and choice of media
  • High print durability for outdoor or indoor applications
  • Production quality output at up to 18 sqm per hour
  • Choice of two print widths (1371 mm or 1620 mm)
  • Improved variable dot print technology provides minimum dot size capability of just 4 picolitre

I've uploaded the spec page to the Print4Pay Hotel forums, here's the link


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