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New Ricoh MP C6503SP & MP C8003SP Spec Check


Yabba, dabba, do! 

The MP C6502SP and the MP C8002SP were getting a little long in the tooth, if you know what I mean.

About a week ago, I picked off the new brochure for the Ricoh MP C6503 and MP C8003SP off the web.  Thus, the rest of what you read is coming right from my interpretation of that brochure. 

This new series incorporates many of the features that are now available for most of the A3 color 04 series that Ricoh has released in the last year.

Features that makes me go yawn is the addition of the 10.1" Smart Operation Panel,  Human Detection Sensor, Ricoh dedicated App Site, and the Conference Concierge App (which is used to guide users through the advanced copying features).  First think I need to ask is, "who the heck copies anymore!"  Where's the Beef with this new color device?

The beef could be here with the addition of the Quick Print Release feature. This feature offers up a view of the print queue for locked and stored prints.  Pretty much means that you can have quick access to a specific stored document and print asap.

If that beef doesn't do if for you, how about the ability to print three-edge at full bleed?  Got it, this is something new, not sure if I'll ever remember it, but I'm thinking that this is a better feature of light production replacement of the MP 5100/5110s that should be launched soon. 

That's about all I can get from the brochure, the brochure was pulled from Ricoh New Zealand site and for some reason that brochure doesn't see to be as informative as some of the brochures that I've seen from the US market.

I do see a few new options that were not present with the MP C6502/8002 and one is the banner paper tray guide and the other is the NFC Card Reader.

Yes, I agree, it's not much, but it just might be enough to create some upgrades before the end of 2016.  More to come in the following days!

Right, here is the link for the brochure.

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