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New Ricoh MP C401 C401SR Spec Review

I was surprised to say the least.  


I knew there was a 40 page per minute color A4 (letter & legal size paper) due soon, but,  I thought it might be an entirely new clean sheet design since the older MP C300 & MP C400 were never big movers for us.


As I reviewed the specs of the new MP C401 I realized that not much has changed at least feature wise since the MP C300/400.  Yes, you can now add an optional 10.1 Wide Super VGA Smart Operation panel that supports drag and drop.  Yes, there is an OCR option for creating searchable .pdf's. You'll also be able to set up customized work flows for scanning from the home screen.  But, where the heck is the knock out feature, where's the sizzle?


As far as I'm concerned, I would like to have seen the 10.1 Wide Super VGA Operation panel and the OCR as standard features. 


Thus here's some quick specs for everyone.


  • Print Speed is 42 letter size pages per minute
  • Scan speed through the 50 page ARDF is 35 IPM for black & color
  • Standard one 550 sheet paper tray (letter & legal)
  • Scan2usb and Scan2sd card
  • Print from USB & Print from sd card
  • Copy resolution 600 dpi
  • Print resolution up to 1200x1200 dpi
  • Duplex up to 90 lb index
  • 2GB RAM and 320GB hard drive
  • Standard Color Copy/Color Scan/Color Print

Options?  There are too many to list,  however, the MP C401SR comes with internal stapler.   There's one more feature that I need to read up on, and that's the Mandatory Security Information Printing feature.  I'll have to read up on this one.  It's getting late, good night!!! Need the brochure?  It's here


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We bought one of the C300 when they were clearing them out and imagine my surprise to learn we also had to put toner in it!  All the other printer based models  come with starter cartridges.  Anyway, the toner cost more than the fricken machine!! 

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