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New Ricoh MP C2003 & C2503 Sneak Peak

Yahoo!  One of our Print4Pay Hotel members posted a link where we could download a brochure for the new Ricoh MP C2003 & C2503!  


I'm hoping that we'll have these systems available in a few weeks here in the US.


The link was provided to a Ricoh dealers web site in the UK.  


Please keep in mind that the US version may or may not have additional features. One of the features that is not mentioned is Ricoh ICE (Integrated Cloud Environment), which is an option with the current Metis (03) series of color MFP's here in the US.  Having ICE allows users to scan documents to many popular cloud-based applications, along with the ability to print them where and when you need them.  I would tend to think that Ricoh ICE will be available here in the US with the new system,


General Specs:

  • Warm up is under 20 seconds
  • First Page out put speed for color is 7.6 seconds 
  • First Page out put speed for black is 5.4 seconds
  • MPC 2003 speed is 20 pages per minute for color & black
  • MP C2503 speed is 25 pages per minute for color & black
  • Standard memory is 1,5GB, and can be expanded to 2GB
  • Hard Drive is 250GB
  • Copy resolution is 600x600 dpi
  • Print resolution is 1200x1200 dpi
  • Scan speed for color and black 54 pages per minute (there is no mention of the dpi setting to achieve that speed)
  • Printer Language: PCL5c, PCL6, PDF Direct Print, Media Print (not sure what that is and this is the first time I've seen it). Optional PS3. PictBridge

I'm pretty excited about this feature.....dig this, the system has an optional stapeless finisher!!  The brochure states you can bind up to 5 pages with out using a staple.  Awesome selling feature!!!  I've heard that the finisher puts a crimp in the document to to hold it together.


One other item of note is the use of electric furnace steel parts.  In a nutshell the steel used in these is systems is 100% steel scrap. If you'd like to learn more about the process follow this link.


If you're interested in seeing the brochure click here (goes to the forum on the P4P Hotel).  As I get additional information we'll be posting that information on the forums.  Special thanx to the Print4Pay Hotel member that posted the link the other day!!


Can't wait this system should be a BLAST!


-=Good Selling=-









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