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MY Top 12 Likes about the New Ricoh MP2501SP

How excited can you get about new copiers aka multifunctional copiers that can print, scan in color, copy and fax (LAN Fax, walkup fax)? 


I for one am pretty exciting about new offering of the MP2501SP. It's been a few years since the passing the of the MP2550SP and the MP 2501SP seems to be the perfect fit for users that occasionally need to print up to 10,000 pages per month. 


This system was bred to win bids, and packed with some excellent features for a low end A3 (up to 11x17) monochrome system.


Thus here's my top 12 likes for this system:


  • The Automatic Reversing Document Feeder will hold up to 100 pages
  • Compact, takes up less than 4 square feet of floor space, which is pretty awesome for an A3 MFP
  • Black scanning speed of get this...50 images per minute @ 300DPI!  Color will scan at 25 image per minute @ 300DPI.  Awesome scanning speed which presents excellent value.
  • Ricoh ICE compatible, all you need to do is buy the browser option and you're off to the races to scan to your fav cloud service.  Of course you'll also need to purchase the ICE option @ at annual cost of $240.  Talk to your rep about how ICE works and the additional benefits.
  • Optional 250GB Hard Drive enables many additional functions for the system, but best of all when you get the hard drive unit it also comes with DOSS. Data Encryption and enables you to use the Document Library (allows you to scan or print documents to the hard drive of the copier so you can print them at a later time).
  • Print and Scan from USB Drive and SD card, along with the ability to preview the image before it is printed, keep in mind that you'll need the optional Hard Drive to enable printing from USB Drive or SD Card.
  • ID Card Copy, we've mentioned this before in previous 03 models from Ricoh. Allows you to place the ID Card on the glass, copy the first side and then flip the card and copy the back side and the both sides of the ID card are printed on the same page.  There was actually a question raised about if the ID Card Mode could work with scanning.  I haven't had the time to test this, hoping someone else has.
  • Fax Connection Unit is a excellent option on this system, let's say you have a fleet of four systems.  You'll only need to purchase one fax option and then 3 Fax Connection Units.
  • Mobile Print from Android or Apple, these apps are available on either the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Batch Scanning, got more than 100 originals to scan, no worries here, select the batch mode before scanning and when the first 100 pages are scanned in two minutes you'll be prompted to set the next batch of pages in the document feeder.
  • Import/Export preference settings, love it, sell it, great for large fleets of these units. Basically what this means is that once you have one system programmed with system settings, application settings and shortcuts you can save these on an SD card and then import those setting to the rest of the fleet!
  • Device Manager NX Lite is a free desktop application that allows IT administer and manage up to 250 devices.

That's 12 right?  It's getting late and I could have added another 12 features that make the Ricoh MP 2501SP and exceptional value. If you are looking for an excellent A3 device at an affordable price then you can either contact me or contact your local Ricoh Dealer and tell them that Art from the Print4Pay Hotel stated that this is the MFP that they need!!!


-=Good Selling=-

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