My Friends in and outside the Imaging Channel, Let’s Congratulate BEI Services on their 25th Anniversary


Recently I had the pleasure to participate in the BEI Services company trip. Being one of the newcomers to the BEI Family, this trip was a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand the dynamics of how both leadership and talented doers collaborate. It became obvious why BEI is so well respected. They truly deliver to market a SaaS which does what it’s designed to do and does it remarkably through remarkable people.

This BEI Services trip was indeed special; the company is celebrating their 25th anniversary. When a business starts out in the basement 25 years ago and is still thriving it’s an awesome accomplishment so, congratulations to its Co-Founders Wes McArtor and Greg Moseley. The two of them and their talented team have built one of the most influential resources to the profitability of the copier and printer industry, and many are benefiting greatly from its services.

Yes, there have been some attempts by copycats, but there is only one original. BEI Services is the industry leader. Gathering statistics on nearly 16,000 technicians, more than 60,000 service calls a day, and almost 4 million devices. BEI Services trademarked Worldstats™ is the world’s largest monitored service network in the industry. Helping to improve the bottom lines of hundreds of partner's around the world.  

Today the Copier and Printer services industry is going through many transitions. It is more important than ever for its participants (Dealer Owners) to extract as many benefits (Profit) from their current delivery system as possible as they transition to what will be new. At today’s speed to innovation logical business sense tells us that things are modifying fast and innovators are all around the borders of not just the imaging channel they also are or are planning the disruption of many other industries.

BEI Services is the number one software tool to learn from the past then implement and correct behaviors in the present thereby ensuring the much-needed profitability to continuously build and deliver what the future holds.Leaders today must stay vigilant to questioning why things must be improved, and as they answer those questions, they will discover the importance of properly preparing. Today data must be part of all decisions and managing by data is critical to a company’s success in our innovative fast past world.  

“The true test of Leadership is their ability to deconstruct obsolescence, as they construct relevance.”

My career in the Industry is itself 25 plus years. I have witnessed first-hand the many modifications both the Dealers and the Manufacturers consistently made. However, in the past, there was more time to contemplate needed changes. Today the threats are enormous from not only innovators within the channel but the unknown from outside the channel. The speed of being disrupted has increased immensely.

“Products do not build industries People do; products go obsolete, but people have to choose whether they become obsolete.”

Too many are still complacent in what they believe they know which is stagnating their desire to learn what they need to know. If you’re a BEI Services Customer, thank you for your business and loyalty. If you're not yet a BEI Services customer, remember today it’s more important than ever to reclaim inefficient operating cost. The future will be exciting for those who prepare, and BEI Services is working hard each day to help our partners travel through their progression of success.

In 2018 we will be releasing new exciting ways in which our data will help your organization sustain the needed margins allowing you the ability to bring the future to the present. In January we released our Executive Insight Report giving even greater insight to our dealer owners. Understanding how to improve then implementing whats needed takes strong leadership. Today there is no more comfort or rewards in complacency. Dealers must run from those who pitch the everything is fine or create rewards for you based on what you did instead of rewarding you for accomplishing what you need to do. BEI Services has always provided our customers with accurate factual data, in an easy to digest format that is the blueprint for quantifiable improvement.

In Closing; I think this quote describes why BEI Services is so passionate to help the industry we call home.

 “A company becomes obsolete when they focus on bringing the past to the future instead of bringing the future to the present, and reclaiming uncontrolled operating cost provides the needed profit to keeping a company relevant as they transition through an innovative world.”

R.J. Stasieczko   

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