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Memoirs of a Copier Sales Person, "You Can Never Have Enough Stuff"


After years and years of selling copiers I've learned that there are certain items that you need to stuff in your car.  Because you just never know when your stuff could help out an existing client or a prospect.

Here's a list of some of my stuff and the reason I keep that stuff in my car.

Phillips screwdriver:  Every single screw on a copier requires a Phillips head. You never know when a cover needs to tightened or with the simple twist of a screw you can save someone's day and have the copier operational.

Knife:  NO, the knife is not for the client!  I keep a sharp knife available for removing shrink wrapping, tape, opening paper boxes.  That knife once allowed me to clean off a plastic burr that was causing mis-feeds out of a paper tray. 

AC Power Cord:  Yes, on occasions loaner copiers or new copiers can be delivered with out the power cord.  Having one in the car can save the day with an install. It has for me.

Anti Humidity Desiccant Bags:  One of my favs here! With my territory bordering the Atlantic Ocean, it's a fact that paper that's been laying around in a copier or out of the wax ream wrapping will collect moisture.  What does damp paper create?  Crappy prints or copies.  For my Shore clients I'll place a bag in each paper tray for them. Most comment, "wow, that's a great idea!"

Network Cable:  All I can say is, it's better to have a couple than to have none at all.  Always be prepared!

Tape Measure:  Will your copier fit in this space? If you don't have a tape measure, well you're kinda screwed on giving a yes or no right?  Wouldn't it be better to say, "I've got a tape measure in the car, let's check it out".  Here's neat hack if you don't have a tape measure.  Each sheet of paper is 11 inches in length, use the sheet of paper to measure the space.  It's really cool when you do this with a client, because you're asking them for help measuring the space also!

Powerline Ethernet Adapter:  Can't do with out this one! It's a little pricey but you never know when it can save your ass. Like today, I received an email from my service department that a net new install could not be connected because our copier did not have a wireless card. 

I processed that email for a minute or so and realized that the client never told me about needing a wireless device, and nor did I ask if they needed a wireless card for their MFP.  Even if they did tell me they needed a wireless card I would have never recommended the manufacturers option. It's just to damn expensive and the range is horrible.

Yes, I keep an extra Poweline Ethernet adapter pack in my car. In this case, I was able to stop at the clients location within the hour, installed the powerline adapter within ten minutes and have them printing from their laptops within 15 minutes.  Client was happy, I was happy and the end result was a great experience for the client.  Yup, I need to go order another one tomorrow from Amazon. If you check out the link, I usually go with the Netgear or the TP-Link, both work well!


First and foremost, when the heck will the major copier manufacturers recognize that a wireless card/adapter should be a standard feature! Every POS A4 MFP that I see at Staples or Best Buy has a standard Wifi. 

In addition why are the manufacturers wireless card so darn expensive!  For the price that the manufacturers charge I can buy a small Epson or Brother POS A4 MFP with Wifi!

We (salespeople) are the front line when it comes to client support and client satisfaction.  Let's face it, if we're not giving fanatical support then someone else will.  The key is to never stop giving fanatical client support and your client will never ever leave you.

-=Good Selling=-

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