Memoirs of a Copier Sales Person "Vacations & Quotas"

Interesting topic came up today while I was out knocking on doors again!  Most of us (salespeople) have monthly quotas.  For those of us that care, we take pride in striving to meet those monthly and quarterly goals.  When we don't hit those quota's we start thinking about what went wrong, did we not prospect enough, was there not enough in the funnel.   Most of us do have a sinking feeling when we don't hit our quotas.  

Today, I had the debate with a fellow sales person about monthly quotas and vacations. Putting in the effort each and every day allows me the opportunity to attain my quota. 

But what happens when it's vacation time? If I take a week vacation that means I'll only have three weeks to meet the monthly quota nut.  Thus, is it really a vacation?  I caught a thread on twitter today from one of those self proclaimed sales guru's that stated "no not answer emails while on vacation".  I thought, well this butthead definitely doesn't have a monthly quota that stamped on his or her back every month.  

Do you answer emails or don't you, do you take that phone call or not, can that deal wait until you get back or will it go elsewhere if you don't respond?  

I can only remember one time when one time when I completely shut down my selling efforts while on vacation. That was sixteen years ago with a trip to Japan.

It's my belief that sales people should have a reduction in their monthly quota when they take a vacation. Because a vacation should be to kick back, enjoy time with family and use that time to recharge.  If you're not working for 25% of the month, then your monthly quota should be reduced by 25%. 

I understand that most if not all managers will disapprove and never allow this to happen.  Which means that most of us will take those calls and emails because we want to reach that monthly goal/quota.  Thus spending that time and effort offers up the question, did we take the time to recharge or are we just coming back in the same mental state that we left with?

I've been at the same company for a long time. I get a very generous amount of vacation time, but I'm always faced with,  can I afford to take more time off or not? 

For those of us that still do some work while we are vacation, should we be entitled to additional compensation for that time?  Sure, try asking your manager or Veep of Sales that one.

Just maybe someone will figure out that throwing the dog a bone every now and then will reap better rewards.

I guess I'll just have to wait another four years when every day will be a Saturday. EDIAS (Every Day Is A Saturday)

-=Good Selling=-

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I always work on vacation, albeit in small spurts here and there, but I do work. It’s hard for me to put it down for vacation because I tend to sell several machines even on vacation. It’s really weird but every time we take a vacation the running joke is on how many machines I’ll sell in a week, and it is usually a couple/few. I can’t put it down even when on vacation.

Since my kids have come along over the last 6 years I try to spend a very limited amount of time working on vacation.

If I’m still connected and still have great success in selling a couple/few machines in that week away it’s hard to change that routine even being on “vacation”