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Konica Minolta Acquires More Than Just Copier Dealers

Please pardon any typo's or other stuff.  I'm at Newark International Airport getting ready for my departure to Ireland and chillaxing on the first day of my vaca.

As always I'm checking my email, because you just never know when something big may come along.  Well,  one pretty big thing just happpened with the acquisition of Muratec by the Konica Minolta.

At first many readers will probably ho-hum the purchase and think that it was inevitable that Muratec would survive on it's own.  

My first thought was dang it I just lost an advertiser,  my second was, we'll hold on there maybe we know have an opening with Konica Minolta. My third was that, holy crap,  this opens up the entire Muratec label solutions up to all Konica Minolta Dealers here in the US.  

Having done quite a bit of research with color labels, I've found the color label market is ripe for dealers to get involved with.

With the acquisition I probably have more questions than answers about the Muratec Label Solutions.  I'd also bet dollars to doughnuts that this is a huge win for the peeps at Muratec America and some great opportunities for Konica Minolta Dealers.

questions, comments, would love to hear em

-=good selling-=

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