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Today's Over Confidence in Yesterday's Performance Can Empty the Chairs at Tomorrow's Play.  

Does the Imaging Channel have too much confidence in yesterday's relevance? A diminishing relevance either in a businesses' deliverable or a theatrical performance will lose its audience. It's Relevance, which fills seats.

Today some of the Imaging Channel's actors have done an excellent job memorizing their lines in a play written 50 years ago. OK, the script has been updated, been modified, and at times has even added new scenes to inject a new relevance. However, today, the audience's appeal to the foundational merits of the play are rapidly diminishing and many of its actors don't understand the importance of improvisation.

"A play or a business will empty their seats if they ignore their audience."

It's the critics who start the conversations the actors, producers, and directors could not bring themselves to start and some even block their ears to silence criticism directions for improvements. So, during declining audiences either in business or plays, it's the critics who will spark needed improvements. However, It's the play's writers, directors and actors which must be in sync with their audience to continuously sell-out the seats. When organizations fight to remain as they were over fighting for relevance, will all ways lose to progress.  

Both plays and businesses must come to the realization it's time to close the curtain on yesterday's performance even if that performance was award winning. Breaking new box office records takes an ability put in check the records or awards of the past.

"Your past and current successes can cause hallucinations when visualizing plans for the future."

When the Play's Curtin opens, the audience will decide when to clap, when to laugh, and when to cry. The emotions of an audience determine the Play's Relevance. In business, it's the emotions of your external customers, which must direct you over the emotions of your internal customers. As audiences grow, the cast and crew are happy and content and will fight all that is threatening to that happiness.

So, be cautious! As ticket sales begin falling, the pressures on the cast will cause many to fight for the comfort of yesterday's complacency, instead of fighting for tomorrow's upcoming relevance. When weakness meets pressure, weakness will always fight for complacency over the pain associated with a continuous relevance.

"It's time to keep the curtain closed when your encore is more for you than your audience." 

The play called the Imaging Channel needs some new directors, new play-writers, new actors, and even its stage needs a remodeling. Otherwise, one day, the curtain will rise, and from the stage, the actors will see empty seats. As the play's audience evolves, so must the play. Remember, a business's stage will only have prosperous actors if the audience continues buying tickets.

"Status Quo is the killer of all that will be invented."

Ray Stasieczko

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