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Jail Break and I'm Out of Cardiac Jail


Actually I've been waiting to get out of Cardiac Jail for the last thirty days!

I was finally sprung mid-afternoon on Friday the 8th and I decided to take a couple of days from posting anything on the Print4Pay Hotel and social media for the weekend.

After my first stent (3) procedure it's been more about just trying to pace with work and all of the changes in my life. Yes, things had to change and it was more about how I had to change.  During those days there wasn't much I could do rather then sending and answering emails along with a few phone calls.

Make of those calls in the first days was though and I was doubting my ability due to my loss of words and train of thought. I was promised by my Neurologist that as time passed I would get back to my excellent communication ways in 5-12 months. It's now 2 weeks short of two months and I feel I'm getting mentally stronger each day.


In the beginning I had some time with my VP of Sales (Tim) and I enjoy what we've developed over the years.  It will be sad for the one day when I finally decide to pack in the retirement watch one day .

In the early days of my stroke I had a chat with Tim about my Neurologist about what I've lost mentally. It was more about a game of word association like "name five types of fish", then "give me five movies you've recently watched". There is no doubt was pretty poor at the start of the game. In fact,  I was maybe naming one of the five for each category and that stated to worry me.

My second track with the Neurologist was centered around work.  What I remember and what I don't remember and not remembering is the toughest part when you're not being asked questions.  However I asked the "Dr" can you ask me these questions about work.  We centered on sales and prospecting to start. First question up was asking me about my sales job and believe it or not everything was perfect!  I had no loss of memory for anything related to work and my sales job. Whew, that made be feel so much better

The next question asked me to tell me 5 things about prospecting...........such a crucial part of my job it is. I tracked a zero for answering any questions about prospecting, in fact my wife (she was there also) gave me a hint and tried jogging me with a cell call to kick start the prospecting.

That hint failed also, and it's obvious that I had a problem larger that I thought.  I had forgotten how to prospect even on the phone! My on my, forty plus years of prospecting out the door!  After a couple of hours we finally finished with my Dr.  as he supplied me with a note for Tim my VP of Sales.

"Please excuse Art from all activities of prospect and especially by the phone,  because has lost the ability to recall any level of prospecting".

Now that's a good one and yes that's a joke that I spoke about in the early days, there was no note and Tim was a great sport about my shenanigans.


There are days when I can go ten rounds when sparring with a verbal chat and there are other days when I'm lucky if I can go one.

I am lucky because I can see that I am getting better and that helps the process.

The Future

I'm not sure where my future lies right now. Three months ago I would have stated I'd be doing this for another 20 years.  I know that I still love what I do and don't plan to stop it, however time and GODS will may take me down other paths.

I do need to thank my wife again and again for all of her support and he love.

-=Good Selling=-

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