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ITEX 2017 Muratec America Leads the Way with Color Label Presses


All of theses years in the business and I've never attended an ITEX event, hard to believe right?  In the eighties and nineties I was able to attend a few of the NOMDA events and those were some killer events.  Just think, all of the manufacturers, suppliers and dealers at one event at the same time.  It was one giant party event.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to catch three pre-show events.  Muratec America kicked off the day with there four hour Muratec University. 

Walking in to the event for me was like a kid walking into a candy store.  There they were,  four color label presses, one digital packaging printer w/laminator and one digital finishing system (attached to the PLS-875i).   I did some research recently with a a couple of my accounts in New Jersey.  While at those accounts  I posed these two questions.  " I see that you use color labels, where do you get those labels from?" and "Can you tell me how much you spent on color labels labels last year?" One account came back with $100K and the other account came back with almost $50K.  Digging a little deeper into the $100K  account revealed that they were spending 52 cents per label!

I was hooked,  reel me in,  bring back the eighties and the opportunity to bring back product demonstrations, SIZZLE, along with the ability to pencil sell these opportunities is incredible.

The PLS-875i and pLS-475i print engine utilizes the memjet engine, while the PLS-175i print engine using the PageWide engine.  THe PLS 2112 print engine utilizes the OKI color laser engine. I'll be digging in to these products more today and will post some additional information as the show progresses today and tomorrow.

Later in the day, I was able to sit in with Print Audit for their Top 100 Summit meeting.  That meeting was more of a round table event that was hosted by West MacDonald.  "What changes are you seeing in the industry" was the main topic and our discussions centered around device based billing, enterprise accounts holding onto equipment longer, Toshiba Corporation and the recent Ricoh SMB move of accounts.

Lastly MPSA hosted a network event that started about 6PM.  I was there and kinda not there.  After waking up at 3AM to catch my flight out of Newark, I was beat.  

However, I still had another meeting i wanted to attend with Martin Hofman from VZ industries.  Martin developed the Copier Solution Shop just about 9 months ago for our industry,  That shop is a web based store where dealers can purchase security options for every brand of copier.  Paper tray locks, security covers, you name it, they have it, and if they don't have it they may be willing to develop something that could help you win a bid or large contract.  

It's 8AM here is Vegas and it's time to get ready for today.

-=Good Selling=-

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