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How to Not Prospect for CEO's with Linkedin

I'm on LinkedIn every day, how about you?  Some days it's a few minutes and other days I could spend a few hours.  For me prospected is not about how many phone calls I make in a day to people who don't want to talk to me, prospecting with LinkedIn has turned me into being more of a detective, than a salesperson. Hey, just something else to add to the bucket list!  


I have a dual profile, one for the Prin4Pay Hotel where I'm listed as the CEO and the other for Stratix System.  Every day I receive requests to connect, and most of them are for the Print4Pay Hotel.  In the last few months I've noticed a drastic increase in the amount of people who want to connect with me. 


For awhile I was trying to figure out how they found me, could it be all of my connects (now more than 1,800), could it be from the groups I belong to, could it be from all of the posting I do?  Never the less, they found me and wanted to connect. 


I would say that ninety percent of those that wanted to connect had no clue as to what I do with the Print4Pay Hotel, nor did they take the time to research what I do.  Much of the connection activity was from far east toner suppliers looking for me to buy generic toner, yet I don't sell generic toner or any toner!  Thus, for those who wanted to connect, I selected the "I don't know them" tab, and marked them as spam!  You get two many "I don't knows" and "spam" and you're pretty much a goner with LinkedIn.


Think about it, are you prospecting on LinkedIn like this?  If so, you'll soon be booted or wondering why you are not getting any connections.  It's pretty cool that I can also look at LinkedIn from the eyes of someone who owns a company right?


Thus, if you want to connect with me, spend a little time to figure what I do to make a living with the Print4Pay Hotel.  Send me a custom invitation that maybe states that you liked a certain blog post or a press release and would like to know more about what I do. Maybe, even tell me that you're currently doing business with someone that I do business with.  If stated this way, I will probably connect and when you send me a follow up inmail, I will most likely reply.


Take your time, do your research, make sure your profile is awesome, because as you were checking me out, I'm going to be checking you out also.


-=Good Selling=-

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