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How One Simple (Smart Phone/Tablet) Print App Can Help You Close More Orders!


In advance of our Print Analyze App (smart phones & tablets) that is scheduled for February 9th & February 15th, I asked Jean Francois LE BRIZE to provide me with the same story that he told me at my first webinar a few months ago. 

Below is the blog from Jean:

There is not a lot of software aimed at the salesman in the Imaging business.

Among them, PrintAnalyze Full.

PrintAnalyze Full is a cloud solution: the Salesman can perform audits, retrieve meters, calculate a TCO, and make a first proposition. All this from a smartphone or tablet.

One day, a female District Manager I know was in pure prospection. Just as the rest of her team, she was assigned randomly some accounts with little information from the corporate CRM.

All she knew: she had to visit a little factory in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere. An ice cream factory.  She had the name and address of the Company. In the corporate CRM: 2 little printing devices.  Information probably outdated.

When she arrived, she asked the manager.  She was received by the owner who said:

“I won’t have much time. I just bought this factory one month ago. In the same time, I also bought a similar plant 10 miles away. Plus the one I already have near the Coast. We want to be the ice cream leaders in the whole area. I have a lot of work to do… So, please, be quick.”

The real situation was completely different from what she thought.  This company had changed in size and now, has 3 factories.  Furthermore, not a big amount of time to convince the decision maker.

paliteShe saw a printer, opened PrintAnalyze Full and noted the cost per page for that printer from the embedded Database. Then she asked the owner “Sir, how many pages do you print in your 3 factories?”   Our owner stated. "strictly no idea", the owner then call the accountant.

Five mins later, the accountant came in and said: “last year, we bought "x" reams of paper”.

For a seasoned sales rep, that was enough to make an assessment. Easy to multiply by the costs per page.

The District Manager said: “Sir, last year, you spent "x" amount of money in printing” to that printer I pointed out earlier.  To say the least the owner was astonished that he spent that much!

She carried on, “I understand you have a lot of work right now but can we discuss it next week?” The owner agreed for another appointment.

She closed the deal some weeks later.

How She Used the Software

When she told me the way she used our software, it was exactly as in the comics, a bell rang in my head!

She used it as a pure prospection software! No audit, no proposition, just prospection.

Well, it all began with that sales call.

Technically speaking, we had already a lot of pieces of the jigsaw puzzle: Database, Cloud, Android, Apple, customized report sent by email...

We just added Text To Speech and presentations with the touchscreen to accentuate the Wow effect.

And some months later, we are able to present to you PrintAnalyze Lite.

I would like to thank this District Manager. Thank you Elizabeth!

Note from Art:

I've seen the App, I'm using the App and the App has already turned heads as to how quick I can assess printers & mfp's in the field.  Pretty much, I had a distinct advantage over my competitors when engaging clients in the field.  I like that!

-=Good Selling=-


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