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Going to do the Deal Until the Cat Issue


There I was going back and forth with the client trying to figure a way to get the deal done for a couple of production devices.  Seems what ever I tried was not working. I even reached out to others in the Print4Pay Hotel community for help with how to get bring this deal home.  All of the suggestions were not working and then the client told me "I need to get this deal done so I can go rescue the cat!".  What, the cat wtf **** does that cat have to do with ordering the damn copier I thought?  You want to order the copier so you can rescue a cat I asked. The reply was "yes, let's get this done now".

I guess the cat, the copier and the rescue escapade didn't sit well with me and that's when I realized it was all a really vivid dream.  When I made my way downstairs this AM I told me wife about the dream and she stated, "there was something going on because I heard you talking in your sleep trying to cut a deal".

Well, I guess the cat is now out of the bag and this isn't the first time I've been accused of trying to cut a deal in my sleep.

Even those these are dreams there have been times when a dream helped me figure out a way to get an opportunity closed.  It was more about looking at something from a difference perspective and I guess the subconscious part of my brain figured it out for me.  Mind you it does not happen often and the dream I had last night was wild and will not help to close any working opportunities today.

On the other hand the part about reaching out to others within our community is something to take note.  Sometimes as sales people we think we're understanding the client needs and wants but something went missing during the sales cycle.  I guess the moral of the dream is if you think you need help then you do and should reach out to others for help.

Curious to know if anyone else has been accused of cutting deals in your sleep.  If so I think it would be great to hear some of those stories.

-=Good Selling=-

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HAHA!  I've not tried cutting a deal in my sleep, though I have fired several people, made some cold calls and in a few instances "been on appointments" that then produce a deja-vu at some point down the line.  Just proves that you're in it every day, all day, living and breathing what you do for a career. 

Hopefully the cat got rescued, though I'm not a cat person myself, and you get that deal soon Art!

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