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Four Reasons Why I'm SO Excited about Print Audit Insight Dashboard!!

After viewing the first Print Audit Insight Webinar a few months ago, I thought I would pick five existing accounts that I would approach and offer them a print analysis of their fleet.  Over the last month, I identified those five accounts, and scheduled two meetings.


Print Audit InsightOur first meeting was with an existing account that has a fleet of about 30 printers (we have the copier business but not the printers), believe it or not there is a printer on every desk!  Most are aged, less than half are on the network and the others are connected locally. 


All of us, have these types of accounts.  Where we own the copier business, however, have never been able to crack the printers (someone else may or may not own that MPS business).  These type of accounts are the "know it alls", they believe they know everything about their printing habits and their costs. In fact, I believe most of them over time have just talked themselves into believing that they are taking the best course of action with their printing.


Print Audit InsightThus, a recent conversation with a CFO of the account I mentioned above went like this. 


"I'm curious about your page volumes from your laser printers, do you have time for a few questions", I asked. "Sure, fire away", stated the CFO.  I opened up with "Are you aware of how many color pages your printers are producing per year"? "Sure do (the know it all), we print about 90,000 color pages per year, why do you ask" said our CFO. "Okay, of that 90,000 color pages could you tell me who many or what percentage of those pages came from printing emails"?


Print Audit Insight DashboardThus that last question piqued his curiosity and our CFO answered "Well, no I don't, why do you ask".  "See the reason I asked, is that I know you're under an MPS plan, and typically you are probably be charged anywhere from seven to ten cents per color page that is printed.  In most cases, when you print an email, you are also printing a color logo, which uses a very small amount of color toner. Thus, you are being charged at the color rate. You see, we have Rules Based print software, and with that software we can set a rule that states, all emails would be printed in black and not color, thus you maybe able to save thousands of dollars per year".  I was stopped there and my CFO stated, "well that's great, but how do you we find out how many pages are being printed from email"?  With that question, I stated that we would install our Print Audit software for thirty days at no charge, at the end of thirty days, we would sit down and review the analysis.  They bit, and I'm about three weeks into the engagement now.  Really can't wait until we can sit down and go over all of the specifics of their printing habits.


Print Audit InsightI really didn't want to make the blog this long, but I wanted to state that there is GOLD in them hills.  The GOLD is with our existing accounts, with Print Audit Insight Dashboard we can get real time information in a format that is easy for me and my client to understand their printing habits.  No longer do I have spend hours analyzing data, Print Audit Insight does it for me, which is a huge time saver!


Just take a look at the pictures I've inserted into this blog, how powerful can this be for you?  After 35 years of being in this business, I can tell you that the power, and the knowledge is in the Print Audit Insight Dashboard!  Once you show them this, the account will be yours forever! If you have the time, check out Print Audit Insight Dashboard Webinar here!!


-=Good Selling=-


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