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Five Ways for Copier Reps to Stay Productive on a SNOW DAY!


Weather for tomorrow here in the North East is SNOW, snow and more snow. In some areas there might be as much as two feet.  Alas, spring is only a week away. I'm mentioned to my wife that the craziest part of this weather is that we're on daylight savings time and the temp is still hovering at or below freezing here.

Alright, I've been through many of these snow days and it's kind of exciting for the first couple of hours and then reality settles in and you realize that you've lost a selling day. Bummer

One of my first jobs was in the produce industry when I was a teenager. I admit that I did not know how to work back then.  When I thought I was done with a job and put my hands in my pockets, I was reminded by the owner of the company that work is never done. There is always something to do, whether it's stocking more on the shelves, taking out the trash or picking up the broom to sweep the parking lot. There is always something to do!

Thus, I wanted to share what I'll be doing on my SNOW DAY tomorrow, which should be here in about 37 minutes!

1)  CRM work: You can never ever be finished with your CRM, whether it's updating email addresses, researching upcoming renewals or just going through account by account to see who fell through the cracks. There are always cracks in any CRM.  I'll be putting in a couple or more hours here.

2) Email Campaign:  What a better day to collect my data about office technology, and interesting articles or blogs for my clients.  This is my way of sharing knowledge and staying in front of my clients on a monthly basis.  Kinda sets me apart from everyone else in the industry.  Constant Contact is inexpensive and really easy to use.

3) Email Clients in a Vertical Market: K, so I'll gather up 20-40 contacts that are in one vertical.  For me that will probably be the AEC industry.  I will then send a blast email to all of them about something, I'm thinking Managed IT or Content at this point.  Don't care if I get any responses,  the point is to stay in from of them.  Why is this different from the Email Campaign you might ask?  Because, I'll be writing a personalized message for each with the goal of scheduling an appointment or creating interest.

4) Research:  I have a few items on my list that I've been putting off. Tomorrow will be a great time to get those done.

5) Planning:  Plan out the last eight working days of the month to hit the number that I need to be at.

After I've finished all of those items it will be time to start up the snow blower, shovel the walkways, shovel the steps, remove the plowed snow from the end of the driveway, throw down the salt and then clean off the cars.  I can only hope that the roads will be clear on Wednesday so I don't lose another selling day!

-=Good Selling=-

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Hey Art

I know your day is probably done by now, But just a heads up in case you
don't already know.

Marketbridge (link is located in InfoCenter) has 60 + customizable email
templates that you can utilize for an email campaign or to help you
EFFECTIVELY stay in contact with your customers and prospects. The
templates cover different verticals, different horizontals, as well as
specialty products (ACE), request for appointments, follow ups and holiday

It is easy to use and its free!!. If you need assistance, you can email
Becky (her email address is in the Marketbridge portal)

Good Luck.

Thank you,
Have a Great Day!

Thomas Koenig
District Business Manager
Dealer Division - Northeast Region

5 Dedrick Place
West Caldwell, NJ 07006
Cell: 570-439-2864
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