Five Reasons Why You Should Attend BTA Spring Break @ The Grand Floridian


I'm all in when it comes to an educational event, especially when it's at The Grand Floridian located in Disney World. I'm also a big fan of getting out of cold and damp North East in late March.  Maybe think about booking a few extra days and make it a mini work vacation trip.  The BTA rate for the Hotel is pretty incredible.

Reason One:  BTA is offering two for one registration for BTA Members.  Thus two attendees can attend for the price on one.

Reason Two:  Where their is mystery there is.... a surprise guest speaker for the keynote address. We all love surprises right? 

Reason Three:  The Education events, these are those awesome 45 -55 minute blocks of time where we get to hear from the likes of Bob Goldberg, general counsel, for BTA (Industry Updates).  Jack Duncan, director of the REACH Leadership Academy, BEI Services (Reducing Parts COGS). Gil Cargill, owner, Cargill Consulting Group Inc. (Turkeys & Eagles Both Have Feathers). Larry Levine, social sales strategist & co-founder, Social Sales Academy (Building a Major Account Strategy). Mark Hart, director of business development, Access Control Devices Inc. (ACDI) (The Future of Mobile Printing). Lindsay Kelley, president & co-founder, Prospect Builder (Marketing & Sales – You Need Both to Compete Today). Ed McLaughlin, vice chairman, Innovolt, & CEO, Valderus (Adjacent Opportunities).  You can read more about their talk tracks here.

Reason Four: Disney World!  Especially the Grand Floridian Resort! There's special seating area at the Grand Floridian that overlooks the Marina with an excellent view of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom.  My wife and I just enjoy relaxing there at night and waiting on the fireworks display.  It's never a bad thing to relax especially on warm nights. My buddy just called me from Florida and stated the tem was 84 degrees. I'm jealous!

Reason Five: When you register for the BTA Spring Event, please shoot me an email apost@p4photel and we will comp you a six month Premium/VIP access for one year! Premium/VIP Membership will get you access to all of the forums, price quotes, leads and blogs! 

Let's not forget about all of the awesome vendors, the chance to collaborate with your peers, and develop new relationships with other BTA members and or vendors.

We'll see you at the Grand Floridian on March 24th and 25th, please shoot me an email and maybe we can get together by the Marina!  BTW, here's the link for BTA Spring Break Event.

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