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Five Reasons Why I'll Be Attending Muratec Label University While @ ITEX 2017


Just last night I was developing a power point for some rookies to help them sell more wide format MFP's. 

My opening slide and comment revolves around the how many competitors could be in involved for a copier/MFP opportunity.  I counted twelve different manufacturers that could be involved in the opportunity.  Thus, that slide showed all twelve potential suppliers. My next slide was to show how many toner based wide format suppliers you could run up against on a wide format opportunity.  That slide showed only TWO suppliers.  That my friends is a no brainer.

1) Thus, my first reason is that I recognize that the competition in the color label press market place is similar to that of toner based wide format devices.  There really aren't many players. I also see this as the same type of opportunities that we had with selling digital copiers in the late nineties.  The market was explosive to those that had the right products.  Muratec has the right products.

2) Geesh, we MFP geeks are all about making dough right?  The PLS-2112 has an MSRP of $65K and the PLS-5150 comes in at $125K.  That means is there is some serious margins available on these devices.  I want to get educated on the market and learn more about finding the right verticals to seek opportunities.

3) I'm looking to learn more about the four new color label devices that Muratec is launching at the event.  Even at my advanced age, you just can't stop learning!

4)  The PLS Sales Agent Program seems to be something that might be right up my alley since I'm getting to that age where I might be thinking about retirement.  It's always good to have options and this seems like an excellent one.

5)  Who the heck can't unwind with a few days in Vegas? 

Last week I posted Six Questions with Andrew Jones of Muratec about Muratec Label University.  Andrew gave us some additional insight about the Muratec Label University along with a few points about the new color label devices.

If you're interested in attending follow this link, and remember when you're there to come over and say hello, cause I'll be there!

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