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Five Reasons Why Every Manufacturer Needs A Color Label Print Device


2017-08-10_13-47-51Color labels....., now you seem and now you don't.  Over the years I'll admit that I never paid much attention to color labels, yet they are everywhere you look.

Regulations and safety compliance in the work place has helped the color label market to explode in recent years. 

Most small to mid size manufacturing companies are outsourcing their color labels, which means a very long wait time when placing orders and most are ordering way more than they need to bring the cost per label price down.

Kind reminds me of the early days of color copiers and printers.  Most companies outsourced all of their color documents from flyers, forms, drop offs, hand outs and brochures.  Once they did the math, most companies agreed that they should have color device on hand and move to print as needed aka print on demand. 

The same is now true with the color label industry for those small to mid-size businesses or even larger work groups. 

1.  Does your company buy more than five hundred color labels per month?  If so, you may want to re-think that outsourcing and have a device that can color print labels on demand.

2.  Wasted labels can be a huge pain in the butt, especially when there is a regulation of compliance change.  Those five thousand "Right-to-Know" labels that you just purchased are now obsolete when there is a change with a regulation or compliance change.  How much did they cost?

3.  Misplaced label orders or delayed label orders can bring the manufacturing process to a dead stop.  Orders are then backed up and clients are thinking twice about ordering products from your company.  It's an avoidable scenario.

4. You've waited three weeks for your new 5,000 custom color labels.  Upon opening the box, you find there is a misprint/typo with those labels. Can you afford to wait another three weeks for a replacement order? 

5. Inventory of pre-printed color labels requires additional floor space along with a higher financial burden carrying for that inventory. 

Companies are realizing that having a centralized, on-demand color labeling device is the right device choice for companies to respond quickly to client changes/needs and compliance/regulatory issues.


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