Five Reasons Why I'm Attending the Top 100 Summit in San Diego


Who can't resist an opportunity to spend some time in San Diego? 

#MPSIsChanging, and if you're not changing, your competition is.  Below is a paragraph from the Top 100 Summit web page.

The Summit is an exclusive, invitation only, all expenses paid (minus flight and hotel) event where imaging industry leaders, business owners and principals will come together to share ideas and develop strategies for the future of office imaging. We call them the Top 100!

Reason #1:   Increasing my knowledge of Seat Based Billing for MPS is tops on my list for attending the Top 100 Summit.  With the emergence of many office equipment dealers now selling Managed IT with seat based billing, it's only logical to get educated on SSB (seat based billing) for MPS. I can then bring additional value to my clients.

Reason #2:  Conversations with my peers, about the ever changing landscape of Office Technology.  What's working, what's not working, what changes are my peers seeing in their markets. 

Reason #4:  The need to become more knowledgeable with Print Audit Print Rules. I'm a firm believer that if you can become the expert with Print Audit Print Rules, effectively demonstrate Print Audit Insight and engage with clients about their print habits, then you don't have to play the game with the cost per page, nor do you have to address speeds and feeds.

Reason #4:  The awesome round table discussions where members have an open conversation about the MPS industry.  Last years Top 100 Summit proved be the most collaborative and thought provoking event I've ever attended in the industry!

Reason #5:  The opportunity to spend a couple of extra days in San Diego and take in some of the sites, such as Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, the Beach, Belmont Park, and enjoy the company of my peers in the industry.

If this is the first that you've heard about the Top 100  Summit, I suggest taking a trip to Top 100 Summit and discover what all the hype is all about! I'm hoping to see many P4P members in a few weeks and looking forward to meeting everyone else.  Maybe we'll catch you there next year?

I will be using twitter and LinkedIn during the event to keep all our 2,800 plus P4P members up to date with what's happening at the event.  You can follow me on twitter artpost. In addition, I'll also be posting on LinkedIn.

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