Five Hacks That Will Help You Sell More Copiers (due)


Years ago, the most coveted piece of data that you could acquire about the a company was the name of the decision maker.  Almost forty years later the name of the decision maker is almost worthless unless you also have their email address. 

In our last "hack", I wrote about contacting a decision maker through their "contact us" web page, and how to find an email address of an influencer from that "contact us" web page.

Here's the Hack That I Use

I have almost 4,000 connections on Linkedin. With Linkedin, you could perform an export of all your Linkedin contacts to .csv data file.  That's a great feature to get the entire list, but what if you only wanted to cull the email address for each net new connection?

For example, I just had a "C" level exec that elected to connect with me on Linkedin.  I can access that person's contact page (see below). 

contact pageOff to the right, you will see three dots and when you hover the mouse over those three dots you'll see a drop down list appear.

linkedinhighlightsFrom that dropdown list you'll want to click it, and then select "save to PDF".  You've just started the download of the profile PDF document for that "C" level exec.  You'll then want to open that PDF document, once the document is open you'll find that "C" level execs email right below their name.

Big Deal I Have the Email Address

Big deal, I have the email address, what the heck do I do with that address now?

For starters, you could send that person an inmail through Linkedin asking if they would like to opt in for your monthly email newsletter about "How Technology Can Increase Profits and Cut Costs".  Guess what happens when you send that Linkedin inmail?  You've just started a digital conversation with a potential net new client. 

A Few Things Can Happen From Sending That Inmail 

Some prospects will reply with a "yes" and then you'll want to reply with a thank you and maybe ask another question about what topics they would be interested in (make a note of that).  You'll probably also get "no" please don't and you'll reply with "ok, understood, please feel free to reach out to me if I can ever be of service".  Of course, you'll have "x" amount that will never respond with a yes or no.

Build Your Email List and They Will Buy

Those "yes" contacts are your future business opportunities!  I have a few  contact lists and the one that I use for my technology newsletter has about one hundred email addresses with thirty or so being net new.

Once a month, you'll want to send your "How Technology Can Increase Profits and Cut Costs" newsletter.  Constant Contact has a FREE service, I believe you can send up to five hundred email addresses with out incurring any additional charges. 

This blog was more about the "hack" to get the email address and not about creating and making your own technology news letter. If you're interested in learning more about that, please feel free to send me and email.

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