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Fifty Seven Days of Selling Copiers

aficio5832Just about two years ago, I posted up a blog titled the 12 Days of Selling (for some reason I can't find 7 & 8) which was based on the last 12 selling days of the year in 2014. 

Each day, I would post up my sales journal of the days events, and then keep a running total of what I needed for the end of the selling year.

Thus, I thought I would not put as much pressure on my-self (lol), and start my sales journal earlier this year. Each selling day I will post a blog my days activities along with some entertaining events that will take place.   I may even add a few days, who says you can't work on Saturday or Sunday?

I'm putting my goal @ $200,000 in revenue, I really don't need that much, but when you've got to set your goals higher because there will be deals that the bean counters will knock down and some will get pumped.  I figure a $20K cushion will ice it.  However, I have a problem, I pretty much blew my pipeline in the last quarter and I really don't have much in the pipeline for the end of the year. It should prove to be interesting

I want to write this for two reasons, one for all of those newbies out there, hoping that they may be able to get something from an old dog that is always learning new tactics to work with the old tactics. 

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with someone in the industry and he stated  that new reps are not being taught how to be a "salesperson" and the generation that I'm from (give or take 10 years), maybe the "The Last Copier Salespeople" in our business.  I just may have to agree with him.  Thus, I'm hoping what I've learned over the last 36 years can help someone.

My second reason is personal goal.  I want to be the top dog on the team, I want to show the team that an old dog like me can still bring in numbers and that I still have the same passion and drive for the industry that I had thirty years ago. Lastly, I want to spend 7 days with my wife in the Caribbean during the first week of March in 2017 (I hate March in New Jersey).

Some of the blog posts may be short, but I'll try to keep them packed with tidbits of selling stuff for everyone. 

Amount Sold = $0

-=Good Selling=-


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