Eight Excellent Reasons Why the Ricoh MP 305SPF Should be Your Next Copier Lease or Purchase!


Years ago with the emergence of A4 (devices that can only print/copy letter or legal paper),  we had to adjust our talk track to add, "do you need to print, copy or scan 11x17 (tabloid) size paper.  That first question would help us determine if the client was a candidate for an A4 or A3 (devices that can print/copy/scan tabloid) device. 

Ricoh's new MP 305SPF gives us a new wrinkle when proposing the right system for our clients.  The claim to fame for the MP C305SPF is that clients with limited space, and the need for printing, copying and scanning low volume 11x17, now have a choice to have the best of A3 & A4 devices.

Just today, with a current A4 account, I asked if the client if they would benefit from having a new system that would print, copy or scan 11x17.  The client replied that at times it would be nice to have a new copier aka MFP that could handle the 11x17.  Currently if they needed 11x17 they would travel to the local Staples for prints or copies.

So, what's really cool about the MP 305SPF

  • The ability to copy/print/scan & fax 11x17!
  • A3 performance at the price of an A4 device
  • Poster Copy Mode:  Users can now place an original on the platen glass and then have a choice to enlarge the image to create a poster on either 2 sheets, 4 sheets or 9 sheets of paper.  The user can then tape those sheets together for the final product. (is this a game changer, no it's not but it's all about the sizzle)
  • Smart Operation Panel Designer: Network administrators have access to the remote software tool that will control the look and feel of the Smart Operation Panel.    You can create apps for some of those not so often used copy features and have them appear on the home screen as a one touch function. In addition you'll have the ability to create web shortcuts, change background designs, add a corporate logo and my favorite the ability to upload messages on the Smart Operation Panel. 
  •  ICE (Integrated Cloud Environment):  First off, each system comes with a 60 day free trial.  But, the real power of ICE is all of the connectors that are available for scanning to your FAV cloud services.  I've seen a tremendous up tick in the amount of clients that now have business Dropbox, MS365, and Google accounts. 
  • "How To" App: This app gives users the ability to a library of watch & learn videos that they can view directly at the MP 305SPF.  Personally, I love this app because not only can this help the client with the basic features and processes, but it can also help with training our sales/support teams.
  • Blank Sheet Print Control:  Just yesterday I was at Staples looking for some 110# card stock.  I was astonished with the price of a case of bond paper.  A case of paper was reselling for $58 per case for 5,000 sheets of paper.  I did not realize that the cost of one sheet of paper is now over a penny!  Remember when you could buy a case of paper for $20?  Those pennies sure do add up and defaulting this print mode could save a case of paper over the lifetime of the MP 305SPF'
  • Silent Running Mode:  There's always something to learn, right?  Ricoh uses 5 different advanced technologies to offer one of the quietest devices on the market.  Standard silent mode is  only 57.9 bB, Silent running reduces to 54.3dBs.  This device will be awesome for those open design offices!!!

Where Will I Place These Devices?

  • Excellent addition for Architects, Engineers, & Contractors that have a wide format system, but still have the need to print/copy/scan/fax a few 11x17's.  Why spend the extra bucks for a full size A3 MFP?
  • Any company that has a communal workspace.
  • Corporations that need a fleet of systems for their field reps.
  • Companies that are squeezed for space, kiosks, mini stores, business centers, waiting lounges, the list goes on and on.

One other note, the design of the MP 305SPF is SWEET!  It just oozes technology!! 

If you're an end user reading this, and you're looking for some excellent reps to help you with the additional options, then feel free to send me an email (arthurkpost@gmail.com) and I'll connect you with a local rep in your area.  If you're in the industry, I think you'll agree this is one SWEET system!

One more item!!  Can't wait to see if Ricoh gives us one of these with color print and copy!!!

-=Good Selling=-

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