DUDE! Where's my Copier?


I've seen this scenario come true all to often.

Really?  Dude, where's the copier you took outta here three months ago!  The leasing company is still billing me because they stating that they don't have the copier you took outta here, plus since you didn't get them the copier in time, they renewed my lease and told me I have to make another year of payments!!  DUDE...Where's My COPIER!

I can imagine there's been many conversations like this between customer and manufacturer over the years. It's no secret that at the end of an FMV (Fair Market Value) Lease someone has to step up and make sure the copier goes back to the leasing company ON TIME!

So, who's to blame the copier rep, the copier company, the leasing company or the customer (lessee). Well, if it doesn't go back in time it's everyones fault except for the leasing company.  Remember this, "the thought of a cheap price is long forgotten after poor service". 

Good work with no screw ups does not come cheap!  If you've received a quote for a new copier, and they are the cheapest (I hate that word), plus they are promising to get the copier back on time, probably means you've got a problem. 

Don't get me wrong I've seen many screw ups from the lessee side also, such as these wonderful quotes, "we can't find a copy of the original lease", "what do you mean we have to ship it back", "we have to pay to ship it back", "we didn't realize our lease ended two months ago and now we have to keep the copier for another year?".

"Dude where's my copier", should never have to be a phone call that you'll have to make in the future.  Copiers companies that are on the ball will present you with an iron clad SOW (Scope of Work) on how and when it will be done and what's expected on your end and their end to make this happen. If the company you're dealing with does not present you with the SOW for the return then you'll need to move on to the next vendor.  Just an FYI, all of this should be discussed when meeting with the copier companies reps, it will quickly narrow the field of vendors!

BTW, if you want to do business with Professional Expert Copier Companies and not the cheapest (I hate that word) then contact me and I can out you in touch with some awesome dealers!

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