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Do You Have the Gumption to Track and Opportunity for Ten Plus Years?


Very short blog tonight. It was almost 11 years ago when I was turned on to a new net opportunity.  I felt the account was right in my wheelhouse since they liked wide format as much as I did.  However this opportunity was not for wide format but for those awesome down the street copiers in a decent SMB account.

My first appearance resulted in a loss and thinking back I'm not sure I can remember why I lost.  I entertain the reason I lost was because the client was happy with the current brand and service provider. Nothing against me or the dealership I work for.

My second attempt was a little more that five years ago and that resulted in my second loss. I do remember the reason I lost and it was because one of the Admins did not want to have training outside of their office for my new brand (that was the objection) of copier.  Of course without notifying me or me probing the edict came down that they would stay with the same brand and service provider again. I was told that my product was the pick to move forward with if it wasn't for the training glitch.

The third time around came somewhat sooner (3 years into the 5 year lease) and after a follow up call I was brought in to quote new devices because the client was fed up with the support and service.  It was on again for the third time to secure this account, after performing another great job I was told we won again, however the account needs to by down the remaining lease payments.   A few months later COVID19 struck and it was inevitable that the lease would go all the way down the last frigging payment.

After three competitors and more than eleven years I was email a few hours ago that they are good to move forward with the new 5 year lease.

This made by day and is the reason why all of my losses go back in the hoppper when the next opportunity us ready.

-=Good Selling=-

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