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Daily Thought Sales Blogs "Section 179"


Many of us still have the mind set that it's still summer .  Hate to burst the bubble but summer is over!

I had a recent interaction with an existing client that upgraded from an older wide format to a new wide format device.  I was able to check on availability and our first window of delivery is the second week of November.  The client was okay with that but that means we're in the jack pot for a two months time frame for delivery.

My first thought was about  Section 179 because one of the covenants requires that the leased or purchased equipment needs to be delivered before or on the last day of the month ( December 31st ).

With exponential delays with equipment, this means that we need to explain to clients that their window for delivery is now 6 weeks smaller than previous years when there were no problems with supply chain issues!

FYI, the struggle is real and we need to hit this home to all of our clients.

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