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Daily Thought Sales Blogs "MFP Screens"


So, I'm thinking an easier thought track for me until I get 100% back on my feet will be short blog thoughts. Let's get it going.


Yesterday I sent an email to a new client asking if we're ready to move forward with the order (always assume the order).

I received a reply this AM that they aren't ready at this time and I posed to punt on the question why they aren't ready to buy now.  Yet I choose to focus on the additional question that asked "the screen on your device is it touch device?"

I thought it was too easy since almost all of our MFP devices have touch devices.  But I then asked why is that question being asked?  Could it be asked be cause there is an underlying question about the screens?

With the entire world dealing with Covid19 I thought just maybe someone else has a no touch MFP solution that I'm not aware of.  Thus with my reply to the client I explained that we do have a color touch device and added an additional talk track  that we have a "safety" security feature that allows end users to control the MFP color screen with their smart phone devices.

Okay, so maybe I was over thinking the question from the client, but I'd rather cover all my bases because I've seen some pretty crazy buying questions in the last 41 years.

-=Good Selling=-

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Good idea Art!  I know the Canon's can be controlled via a free app.  Have to be on the same network to do so, but that's an obvious one.  There's also a remote operation viewer download for your computer to remotely control the copier.  Still have to put papers in the feeder to scan which then kind of defeats the purpose of not wanting to touch it......some salesmans selling them on something that's probably standard to all devices.

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