Cybersecurity predictions for 2015 - Healthcare

Cybersecurity has been in the news quite a lot over the past year given the breaches sustained by Sony Pictures and retail stores like Target and Home Depot. What kind of changes in cybersecurity are happening, and what can customers expect in 2015?

Passwords are no longer safe

It is a known fact that hackers' breaching techniques have been evolving quite rapidly. CBS News reported that it's basically inevitable for a business to get hacked given how much these nefarious activities have advanced.

"The days when we have our username and password, which is our son or daughter's name or our cat or our dog is not enough security for, you know, for today's attackers. Breaches are inevitable. It's happening. It's just life that we live in today," Dave DeWalt, CEO of cybersecurity company FireEye, told CBS News. As the media outlet explained, FireEye gets hired to keep hackers from getting into a company's network and getting them out after there's been a breach.

Basic cybersecurity such as passwords are not enough for a business to protect against a breach. Network World mentioned how companies and mobile device manufacturers will be exploring new ways to access devices and programs, such as smartphone-based authentication and biometrics.

Predictions in cybersecurity for 2015

Since cybersecurity has been a huge topic in 2014, what can people expect in the news in 2015? According to Network World, a variety of factors will make a hot topic. The source predicted that attacks will spread to cloud applications, mobile devices, Macs and Linux systems. This means that cybersecurity needs to become tougher and find news ways to protect consumers and businesses.

Healthcare will be at risk in 2015, according to the source, as the industry will be a huge target for cybercriminals. Major hospital groups and healthcare insurance providers are expected to be attacked in 2015, which means they need to be careful in protecting themselves with extra layers of cybersecurity.

On top of that, payment systems are predicted to be popular in the next year - but that means they will also be vulnerable. The source highlighted that payment applications, which have already been up-and-coming this past year, will be another huge target for hackers since they are just beginning to become common. The world of cybersecurity is changing, and companies need to take this seriously. Basic encryption is now necessary for a business, and looking into secure email providers can help a business stay secure.


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